Pro Evo 5 PC online,,,,


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20 August 2005
I'm guessing at least we will be able to play people across the world which is gonna be great but other than that does anyone think we'll get league tables and stuff like that? EA do a great job with their online pc games setup. i play tiger woods on there and its great. does anyone have any info on how its going to work?

On a side note i'd advise people to invest in a smartjoy at lik-sang. it lets you use your PS2 pad in the PC, gonna give me an advantage when i beat you lot :)


15 November 2004
I cant see you being able to play people around the world as ping and latencey will always have a factor. Plus the fact that it's not really server based (p2p).

Does anyone know if there will be an option on the PC one to play a simple ip > ip match? I seriously don't fancy the ingame matchup and would prefer to user pes4launcher / pes 4 online (If they get updated for pes5)


1 January 2004
yea don tworrie they will get that pesonline sorted, infact i may work on one myself :)

on a sidenote can we play xbox/ps2 people online?
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