pro evo 5 option file corrupt problem!


18 June 2003

i have a PAL xbox version 1.6 and i'm trying to use an updated option file with pro evo soccer 5. when i ftp it over to the relevant save game directory and then load pro evo from the hard drive, i get an 'option file corrupt' type message. strangely when i load the game from the original dvd with my xecutor3 chip off the option file loads correctly.

now this is all well and good but i have applied a patch to the HDD version that i want to use, but its not very good wwithout being able to use the option file aswell, and of course i cant apply a patch and use it with the chip being off. so it seems i can only have one or the other.

ive had a quick look at all this stuff about resigning the save game etc thinking that might be the problem, but im not sure.

others have had no problem with updating the option file and it working whilst their chip is on.

does anyone have any idea what i might be able to do to fix this? i know others have had the same problem and after a day of searching for a solution i still have no idea :(

can anyone help please?


2 October 2004
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did you install games on you hard disc? or is you harddisc almost full? I had same problenm.
had to make a new option file again, and deleted all my other save games (other games halo and such)
(also installed san andres whole game on my hard drive, but we cant talk bout that here) anywayz, i think that must be the problem.


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13 July 2005
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I dont think HDD space is a concern unless there is not even enough room for the file to fit. My xbox has a 160GB HDD in it with only about 80GB used and I remember having this problem back when I played PES5 on my xbrick. I thought I had just used xbox-saves manager but I guess that doesnt work for others.


I've been having the exact same problem on my xbox and will be very interested to know if a solution is found. I've tried averything to get it to work with no joy, somebody must have a way to get it to work :(


15 March 2004
Most optionfiles were made with an original"legal: version of PES5. I managed to find just one patch which was made with an backup of PES5. Found it in de forum of XBSM.
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