Players to watch out for?


7 October 2003
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Hello chaps.
Long time since I posted on here... but it is a national tournament after all! (Fairweather fan :PP )

Anyway, there's a fair amount of talk about top scorers, winners and the big names, but what 'lesser' known players are you looking to see, or what young players do you think will make an impact?

I don't think either will start games, but I'm looking forward to seeing if either Giannis Fetfatzidis, or Milan Badelj will make an impact for Greece and Croatia respectively.

Who are you tipping to make a name for themselves?


2 August 2004
I think by now most know about him but look for Olivier Giroux to make meaningful contributions to the French attack when given minutes.

Most should know Mathieu Debuchy as well but again, look for him to have a solid tournament and help transform the French team into a much better one than two years ago. Especially with his tireless energy and work-rate.

Christian Eriksen is another choice I think most know by now but the young Dane is no longer the 'youngest' player in tournament as he was on the last World Cup (as a substitute) and is now an integral part of the team and much more confident and accomplished. Denmark have a really tough group and so probably won't advance but look for him to shine in those 3 group stage games and help create a few chances for his countrymen to give them some hope.


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5 September 2006
Russia's Shirokov likes to break from midfield and provide a goal-scoring threat, so look out for him, coming off the back of a good season.

Poland's excellent Piszczek-Błaszczykowski partnership down their right side should help them get through the very open Group A.

Ukraine's Yarmolenko is a dangerous player on his day, the future of their national side.


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14 September 2010
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Roman Shirokov,Alan Dzagoev,Rafał Wolski,Andriy Yarmolenko,Yevhen Konoplyanka,Olivier Giroud and Fabio Borini! :)
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7 October 2003
West Ham
Will Debuchy definitely start, now that Sagna is out?

I have him in my (provisional) Dream Team.


9 November 2010
I would say Marvin Martin if he's giving some decent playing time he'll shine as a winger or a playmaker & i'd also say Alan Dzagoev whom i expect to do great things this tournament maybe take the stardom once & for all from Arshavin & maybe Yevhen Konoplyanka (when asked about Ukrania's future Sheva made direct reference to him & Yarmolenko) i think his skill & explosive power would be a great plus to the Ukrainian side.
last but no least Angelo Ogobonna Big Defender with some serious physical abilities still lacks maturity though.
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20 December 2007
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havent the greeks been touting papa for years and he has done nothing for country and club?

As amineken22 said, I'm talking about the Defender/Defensive Midfielder Kyriakos Papadopoulos who plays for Schalke, because he an excellent young player and it is his first big tournament with Greece (he was called for the first time in the mens squad about a year ago)


2 August 2004
Papadopoulos from Schalke is f'n amazing! He was an easy spot for a future star even at 18! Now he's a bit older and even better but the kid's a born winner.


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8 January 2002
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He was reacting because your post implied that he had already played for the women's team, i guess.


2 August 2004
:D you guys are hiarious! :LOL:

Vaclav Pilar (Played CL for Viktoria Pilzen and now transferred to Wolsburg) of Czech will put his name on more people's minds as well even if I think the Czechs are likely to finish last in group and have a fairly disappointing campaign.

Oh and what Abou said above!

Stevo, yeah I think Debuchy is certain to start. Even with Sagna, there would've been competition in my opinion but with him out of the picture, he really should.


7 October 2003
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I'm gonna stick my neck out on the line here and say that I think Andy Carroll will have a very decent tournament.


2 August 2004
The guy can definitely be a threat! He just needs confidence and considering the way he ended the season, I think he'll have that.

He may just give England hope with a couple great thumping headers!


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10 June 2003
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even if I think the Czechs are likely to finish last in group and have a fairly disappointing campaign.

Unfortunatley I think you might be right. The Czech's are a shadow of the great team they had in the late 90's - early 2000's. The fact that Michal Kadlec is their main goal threat these days tells you all you need to know.


9 June 2010
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Zenit SPb
Andrei Arshavin

Since it was pretty confusing season, he sat on the bench of Arsenal, many said that he was no longer the player what he was before (this is partly true, since the age), and it's time to write him apart. But returning to his native club, he proved that he is still what it's worth, finishing the season on a positive note, and becoming national champions. And now to the Euro, it will show again that he is able, moreover, this tournament will decide the further his career, he will remain in Zenit, will return to Arsenal or move to another European top club.

Aleksandr Kerzhakov

I am wondering this player will can show the same results as in Zenit or not.

Robert Lewandowski

Perhaps we will see the birth of a new legend, this player really is very good lately.
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