PES 5 Multiplayer Master League / Succession Game

Saint Angelo

3 August 2019
Dublin atm
I figured I would outline this idea in depth since I can't stop thinking about it.

It's inspired by succession games I remember from some old strategy game forums back in the day where a group of people would play for certain amount of time and then pass the savegame to the next person. That's basics but what really made those games click is all the self-imposed rules and roleplay people engaged in.

How would a succession game look like if it was PES 5 Master League? I am assuming Original Season patch since, well, I like original lineups. Retro style.

The Players

I would say 4-5 people would be the best. Should equate to 3 to 5 matches per person. More people that that would be too much I think. We split season in equal parts depending on the playerbase. Player 1 starts ML, plays couple games, uploads the save. Player 2 downloads it, goes on to play his part, uploads the finished save back and so on. That's about it when it comes to actual game.

Then we would need a Game Master (me I guess) who would also play through transfer periods and edit save accordingly to the role-play going on. What does that mean?

The way I see it, outside of the game, The Players are the shareholders of the club. It's like we band together to purchase a PES 5 team and then go on to manage it, both on and off the pitch. Just playing the game itself would be too ez, after 15 years most of us can easily powergame through ML and be done within 3 seasons. Several house rules and interactive role-play would spice the game up considerably.

Thus GM is more of just administrator, fulfilling the vision of club board in-game.

The Rules

Players (shareholders) have acquired a Master League team for a large sum of PES Points. Now it is up to them to lead it to glory. Several house rules and limitations are implemented to halt the inevitable advance of op boomers who grind this game since 2005. They will be tested on and off the pitch. Can they co-operate and build the biggest franchise there ever was?

1.) Evo-Web Bank

It costs a lot of money to purchase a team. Whereas the Players have considerable funds, they need a bank to help them out. The team we'll choose is the team we own, but also the one we have to pay off.

Now let's take the yearly starting salary of any team, IIRC Default Team is around 8500 points.
We will multiply this amount by number of players, for example with 5 players its 42.500 PES.
Let's say every shareholder invests 5000 PES each. That's 25.000 PES.
We are 17.500 PES short. Evo-Web Bank will borrow us that, but with some fees added.
We end up having to pay back 20.000 PES within the next 3 years.

All payments can be done using Master League Money Tool, hell you could prolly do them with Cheat Engine. We have to make a decision - do we pay once a year after season ends, or twice - during the first week of winter and summer negotiations? This would require us to come up with a stable financial plan and not just spending all cash on new players. Of course should we dip below 0 it means game over for us all. This gives us another challenge to deal with.

And we don't have to play with Defaults either. We could buy Arsenal or Barcelona, but with their salaries being around 15K this would mean we start with a lot bigger debt. So it's not simply pick any team and go Default, we can pick anyone in the game if we can handle the debt.

I was thinking later on maybe we could have players who are not main shareholders - like sponsors who design kits or adboards for our stadium - but let's leave it at that for now.

2.) Transfers

Transfer AI is not really sane. For example, in Phoenix 12/13 I guess? If you put any of your goalkeepers on transfer list early on you can be 100% sure Barcelona will buy him, no matter how trash he is, cause they want a third goalie. That's just the way it is.

Player on the other hand is overpowered. You can easily dump the default team and recruit new one from free agents within a year. This shit is broken.

Here are my proposed transfer rules:

-We can sign one free agent at the end of the year. Their salary cannot exceed highest salary in our team.
-We can sign one regen/young player during mid-season negotiations (week 16-19). Their salary cannot exceed highest salary in our team

Two above are chosen by shareholders and we get unlimited amount of tries per window to sign one chosen regen and free agent. If there is no agreement, we cannot sign any.

-If we receive a bid from a player from a team which is higher than us in Club Ranking we have to sell, unless it means game over for us.
-When placing a bid for a player, we can either offer the standard terms (basically agree to default terms) or extra terms (10% higher transfer fee and salary). Extra fee has to be agreed by the majority of shareholder.

Here are how the transfer window proceeds for us:

-Every shareholder starts with one transfer vote.
-The vote can be used to either choose any transferable player (where transfer fee applies)
-Shareholders can agree to cast multiple votes for the same player.

Let's say 5 shareholders casted their vote. We get 4 votes for Forlan and 1 vote for Riquelme. This is mid-season window so we have 4 weeks.

We can try to sign Forlan 4 times - if AI refuses once, we have 3 tries left. If it refuses again, we have 2, etc. If we manage to get him, rest of the votes is gone.
We can try to sign Riquelme once - if we get refusal, it's gg for us.

Therefore we have to make sure we get multiple tries at most coveted targets, since oftentimes PES 5 AI might refuse the transfer on week 1 and then accept exactly the same offer on week 2. Again this requires communication and planning.

Let us assume we managed to sign Forlan so this transfer is considered done. We failed with Riquelme - this is considered a done transfer as well. If shareholders would like to acquire more players, they can call for another transfer window voting and this whole thing plays out again. No votes can be casted for Riquelme in this case, not until summer transfer window after the season's end.

I think that's all the rules for now.

The Organization

I reckon we just use the thread to announce match results and votings. Alternatively a closed discord server for players only could work to discuss freely, whereas Evo-Web thread would be our "official" media outlet, where all the big events are announced.

I know y'all talented so it would be amazing to see screenshots, goals, photoshops, memes, articles, opinions...just make this thread feel like an official club forum. This is also where official statements would be published, for example financial reports (points, debt status), etc.

I would be the one editing PES Points in the save and fulfilling our transfer orders during the window.

I guess that's it for now? Please let me know if you would be interested, I think this would be amazing way to play ML and just have fun with u guys 🐑 I am setting the limit to 5 people for now, I'm 1, that leaves 4 slots. If you are interested in joining or want to suggest anything post away. Rules can be tweaked, as long as they're challenging.

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