PES 2021 on Shadow PC woes - help!


League 1
27 April 2003
Hi all, I've had my Shadow Boost about a week and absolutely love the service. It's done well with everything I've tried so far, except PES 2021, which is a stuttering mess.

Specs are good, it's got a GTX 1080p graphics thingy.

I'm a total PC gamer noob, so if I use incorrect language or ask dumb questions, please excuse me.

I've tried it directly through desktop on a 1080p monitor and through the Nvidia Shield app on my 4k TV, and it's just a stuttering mess ingame.

I've tried multiple resolutions, v sync off - on via the PES settings exe, but it's just unplayable.

I'm assuming Shadow should be able to play this game without too much hassle.

Web connection is fine, 50mbp on desktop and 70mb on Shield.

Any ideas/suggestions to fix this?

Thanks in advance.
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