Pes 2021 Master League


League 1
24 September 2020
In the last few days, after planning it for a long time, I finally installed FL24 on the PC with all the necessary mods. As I expected, visually it's a fantastic game, however I was very frustrated with the master league mode which is very far from being as realistic as FIFA's. The problem mainly lies in the poverty of leagues and the impossibility of being able to add new tournaments and modify the formats and qualifiers. This makes ML impractical for me, and is really a shame for the graphical beauty of the game with mods. Looking around the forums I saw a lot of resignation from this point of view and few people insist on finding a real solution to this problem. I wonder if this is destined to be a constraint in the future too, because in my opinion the key would be to make use of the Pes 2021 game engine by relying on another application, which organizes the competitions and matches to be played. This was done on FIFA 16 (fantastic game) by a famous user of the soccergaming forum (Rinaldo) who created a perfect managing career simulation with many features in line with reality. I link it:
I wonder if it wasn't possible to do something similar with PES in the future, because it would allow us to reach the pinnacle of football game nirvana!
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