PES 2021 advanced shooting bug?


14 September 2019
I was wondering why I was scoring a lot less goals with Advanced Shooting in PES 2021 than in PES 2020.
So I did a training session, took Beckham in both versions and tried to do some finesse shots. In PES 2021, there is little to no curl on the ball. While in PES 2020 it works flawlessly.
Did they change something? Do you have to apply curl manually now?

My example is Beckham from the left corner of the penalty area. In PES 2020 the ball has a nice curve and lands close to the far post. In PES 2021 there is a lot less curve and the ball ends up 1-2m next to the far post...

Also when you walk directly at the keeper and do a finesse shot with advanced shooting, in PES 2020 it will curve around the keeper easily, but in PES 2021 there is too little curve and the ball gets parried by the goalkeeper more often.


5 November 2020
It's almost impossible to score with a finesse shots outside the box on advanced shooting. Inside opponents box goal keeper will always make a save or go wide,even with Messi or Beckham. It's very difficult to curl the ball on advanced shooting mode unlike basic where finesse shots are 95%goal.
Can't Konami just fix finesse shots on advanced shooting????
Coz you can't control both power and height when it comes to finesse shots on ad shooting even with minimal power &placing ur shot top corner it will go over the bar or goal keeper will save it.with maximum power and aiming for bottom coners, shot will be too weak that GK will come forward to pick the ball.
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