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PES Russia

PES Russia
17 January 2014
This article contains answers to the most interesting (in our opinion) questions about PES 2018, addressed to Adam Bhatti (@Adam_Bhatti) on Twitter (April-June 2017).

Master League and other mode
Q: News for the master league?
A: E3

Q: This is all great stuff, bro. You guys are also fixing MyClub's server, yes?
A: Online announcement at E3.

Ball physics

Q: @footy_United_US I know it was brought up in the last podcast about ball physics not been mentioned for the big 7... Hope this is true.
A: It's within the gameplay masterclass section, which will be divulged at E3. Super 7 was key areas separated,not to be confused with features.

Q: So can we expect better/realistic ball physics for shooting, passing and crossing? For me, that's the only 'issue' in PES.
A: Ball physics have had a huge upgrade, needed to create an overall feeling of huge change. I'm very excited mate, this is the big one!

Video gameplay
Q: Are there chances to see that great gameplay?
A: E3

Q: Hi @Adam_Bhatti ,will we see more estadiums like the Sports Park in PES 18? I love those small stadiums for the modest football.
A: Stadium info at gamescom, with a little at E3. Thanks.

Stadium Creator
Q: Last year I questionade you abt STADIUM CREATOR, that is not on PES 2018. How about PES 2019, 2020? Greetings from brazil!
A: Yes we listen to all fans. We do global surveys, and it allows us to see what all fans want. Overall people find other things more important.

Interesting discussion:

PES 2018 Demo
Q: I know you've read, but please fight to give us a PC demo on the consoles, thank you.
A: Maybe you don't mean to be rude, but that tweet comes across very ungrateful. The team sacrificed so much to make PC same as PS4.

Q: I know you've read, but please fight to give us a PC demo on the consoles, thank you.
A: I have answered this before my friend. I expect the same story as previous years. I think it's best, I don't want issues after a big step. Please know just my guess, not final. If I hear anything I will let you know. I pushed hard for PC same as PS4, hard for me to ask for more.

Q: When does the PES 2018 demo drop?
A: Demo historically announced at gamescom.

Revolution or evolution?!
Q: Completely new game ? That's great but I hope that the #PES2017 Base gameplay will still be present (not even a sudden change like pes 14).
A: No don't worry. It's PES. But some big changes the series needed. I seriously can't get over how good it looks and moves!

Adam Bhatti: “3 is a very important number for PES 2018. 3 years in the making, & the start of a new 3 year product revolution. The future will be special. PES 2015/16/17 all have a clear link, PES 2018 a clear change. Love it..Expected negative assumption based on previous years, but when you play it you'll understand it's a wonderful addition. My fave feature.

Atmosphere etc
Q: Hi Bathi, you're more excited than ever. Are there real reasons to dream? I think that we need Graphics+Animations+Atmosphere.We'll have it?

Q: My worry is responsiveness. In Pes 2014 animations were smooth but there was a big input lag, impossible for me to enjoy the game.
A: That's part of the shock. Beautiful animations, incredibly realistic, but by some kind of magic - incredibly responsive. It's unbelievable!

Q: New faces for real madrid adam??
A: We will confirm all new faces at E3. Thanks

Edit mode
Q: Bringing back the option to add an outline to names and numbers again would be great, could do it back in PS2 days.
A: As I've said for many years, licensing restrictions & companies protecting certain things = big change from PS2 days. We'll do what we can.

Edit mode on X-Box
Q: I'm waiting see if data transfer is on @xboxuk first, there no excuse now there's modding capabilities, if not I'm out this time.
A: You should expect this not to change. You blame us, but there's a reason why Xbox has never had the same editing capabilities as PlayStation.

Q: What about an unlicensed bundesliga like how the licensing was lost for Spain? I love that league but creating is too much on xbox.
A: I 've answered this for many years - Bundesliga is not part of FIFPro, which means we cannot create a fake German League. Not available until PES 2019, if we can win it. This is not news, everyone is aware Bundesliga is exclusive with EA.

Q: Licenses will be revealed at gamescom?
A: Yes, for the entire game.

Adam Bhatti: “@pesnesia Thank you, please help us make sure people do not pirate in your country. We have many fans in Indonesia, but sales do not match...

PES 2018 Ball
Q: What is name of #PES2018 New ball?
A: Tripletta.

Adam Bhatti: “Before starting any petitions, I kindly ask you wait for E3 and get all information first. Thanks.

Colour palette
Q: I would be really delighted if what we see in the trailers is straight FROM the game. I really want it to be that way. I'm only talking about the color palette.
A: We always use in-game footage for trailers, no different this year. It's midnight btw, very lucky I responded at this hour. My response includes everything such as colour palette. My advice - wait for E3, you'll get more than enough content to judge.

Auto protect
Q: Hi adam, You can say if you cover the ball with the body is a button or automatic?
A: It's called Auto protect. Which means it's automatic. It's incredible, wait until you see it!

Gameplay Camera
Q: Let's see if the level of detail drops in wide cam like years past or if the dev team figured it out. I know it's been a focus.
A: Looks great in gameplay cam, you can see so much detail, even if we've made the players a little smaller like PES 2013 - pitch looks bigger.

Adam Bhatti: “Get ready. The next 3 years of PES will define a new era of sports games. Time to fight back.

King is..
Q: Scream "PES IS BACK" four years in a row on the FIELD (the real FIELD, not the E3 or Gamescom Field), and you will see how people laugh.
A: People are free to laugh, I cannot accept praise from those who also are first to insult or condemn. As always, only for the fans. And as I said, I don't need the acceptance of those people who are not our fans. Good luck.

Actual discussion:

Adam Bhatti: ”We have 1000s of requests, so quite obviously, we must prioritise those that more people ask for. This is how we work, it's logical.So if we haven't added a certain feature, then it means unfortunately it's very low on the lists of requests. You just accept this. I answered you already. As I said before, I hope one day to add everything we have been asked, but we cannot add 1000 things, and still innovate in other areas. You can send it as many times as you want, but can you guess how many things millions of fans send us to add? It's impossible to put everything in every fan requests from us, we must prioritise. Thank you for your feedback. We know what the fans want, we run global surveys, and all the changes we announced proves we have listened. I let the fans vote for what they want, that's why we have global surveys. We must focus on most requested. after review the results, I can tell you that we clearly see what the fans want. That is important. Think twice before accusing us. Everything, but the focus will always be the PES fans who continue to support us and keep this great series alive. Thanks
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