PC mods on PES 2021 via Geforce now?


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27 April 2003
Hi, I think the answer is no, but thought I'd ask.

I have been enjoying modded PES 2021 on the PC for a few months now, but the Shadow service I use is doubling the price to £29.99 a month and it' just not worth the money for just PES.

I tried the game again on consoles (PS5) and it's just horrible in comparison.

Is there any way of accessing mods for PES 2021 via the GeForce Now service?



17 November 2010
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in a word, NO.
GeForce NOW only connects to games you own in supported stores, steam etc, it does NOT give you access to any type of file system, so there would be no way to download sider and mods, also geForce NOW free version limits you to 1 hour play session.
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