Online win rate with and without sider running


14 September 2019
So I did 100 matches with and 100 matches without Sider running in MyClub.

Without Sider: 69% win rate
With Sider: 51% win rate

That's a staggering difference of 18%!
Also looking at the match details:

Shots (on goal) without sider (avg per match): 5.7shots (4.2 on goal)
Shots (on goal) with sider (avg per match): 6.1shots (2.1 on goal)

I only shot on goal when I am 100% it is in, so it's mostly tap-ins and easy 1on1 finishes. But with sider on, a lot of these miss the goal completely (advanced shooting). While without sider these at least hit the direction of the goal.

200 matches still isn't enough data I guess, but 18% difference when nothing else changed is strange. Is it possible Konami detects tempering and adjusts hidden stats? I for myself will no longer play online with Sider. I am on average 1100 ranked, but dropped to 880 while playing with sider on.
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