Not sure if this is the right forum, but here it comes

Erik Boscolo

12 February 2021
Hi there, this if my first entry here ever...
So, before, a quick backstory...back in the 90's, a FIFA fan, early 2000's a PES fan, early 2010's a FIFA fan again a now again a PES fan.

I play PES again since 2019 and...I try to figure how and why people dare to even try FIFA.
Well I should ask myself 'cause I stupidly bought FIFA 21 this year and...well, after a month of perseverance, I bought my PES 2021 copy and I just couldn't be happier.

Reason why I commited the purchase of FIFA 21: I was disappointed to realize that PES 2021, in the dev's words, wouldn't really introduce anything new. And I was seriously expecting new stadiums and all that stuff fans wait every new edition. Well, FIFA has those stadiums and I went for them, deceived by the trailers and the new features that convinced me EA somewhat felt threatened by the positive reviews on PES 2020 and tried to approach FIFA's gameplay to PES'. Meh, indeed.

But then I found about patches and to my bitterness, they can only be played on PCs. I found this amazing channel from this guy called KnightMD, with this beautiful, most recent video, applying and testing multiple mods to a finished (own?) custom patch for PES. One comment he made: you don't need a powerful PC to run a patched PES.

So I basically introduced myself and my personal history only to ask you what is the exact config I need to run a PES patch on my PC? And please forgive me for this whole background I decided to put here, it's because wherever I went with a single, objective question as for this particular topic, there was no answer.
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