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Bayern Away 21/22

Borussia Monchengladbach Home 21/22
I am into that new Liverpool kit after seeing it against Crystal Palace. The back of it looks good at the neck, I never liked how thick last years collar thingy got at the back.I don't think I'll buy it but that is mostly because of the price.
The new Liverpool third kit looks like one of the cheap knockoffs you can buy outside the stadium (at least, this happens in Italy. I don't know if in Britain it's working like that too).
Home and away do look very good though. Especially away in my opinion.
Haha yeah.
Well loads of people criticised nike for making to simple and boring template like kits.
And they sortoff nikeshly listened... (that tottenham third) :s
But when they play a good season in it you suddenly start to like it or atleast accepting it.
(I like the home also, especially the collar and that adv stuff)
what is it with all those zig-zag designs on kits lately? Can't there be a striped kit with plain straight lines anymore?
I actually liked the previous one more

But this is definitely something different for a club that is not know for really trying something new. The most "outrageous" kits they had were away kit in mid 00's when it was half blue and half red or the home kit from that period that had a bold blue stripe going from one sleeve to the other.
Leverkusen 21/22 Kit

FINALLY we brought back the AC Milan-style stripes, for the 20th Anniversary of when we reached the Champions League Final. The last time we had vertical black and red stripes was 2005-06.

Absolutely vile kit... @ThomasGOAL posted a leaked photo back in May (how on earth are they leaked so soon) but it looks even worse on an actual person's body.

Bring back the stripes...
SL Benfica


Not 100% convinced by the home kit, but the away looks hella good to me. Simple, with a very good colour scheme (red details, black printings)... Might aswell become one of the best kits of the season for me.
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