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Sick of all these teams chucking up threes and the Toronto media whining about refs, This isn't basketball. So many blowouts in key games during this years playoffs as well. Can't remember the last time it was like this. The NBA needs dominant bigs like Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, and Towns on competitive teams. I hope OKC wins the NBA Championship this year.
You do have to say some of the calls by the refs throughout the playoffs have been very poor. Some non-fouls called as fouls, some bigger things not called...

Anywayz, the playoffs have been exciting so far, but I do agree that traditional bigs are missed. The only ones who are close is Bismack Biyombo and Steven Adams...and that says a lot about how badly they're missed.
Ya. I've enjoyed the playoffs. Just think the early rounds could have been more competitive. Now things are heating up because the Raptors and Thunder have surprised everyone. If the Raptors win the NBA Championship it would be like Leicester City winning the premier league.
Poor Warriors, this year I'm not watching that many games, but I see Warriors haters everywhere now.

The Cavs were full of excuses last season, now that the Warriors lose their breath thanks to the 73 chase, everyone goes out and say that Dubs are whiners. The Cavs were victims, the Dubs are bitching, right!

That's the sport, momentum count a lot on the playoffs. And the Warriors were on the verge of losing the MVP and the team looks like they lost the momentum, they gave it all the regular season for breaking that record.

And the lots of 3s and fast offense is not really a problem for me, games are actually faster and more fun for the spectator in my opinion.
About the bigs, Bogut declined a lot this season, and Ezeli while he had awesome athletic moments still a in-development center who might not ever be elite.
But remember that's also the game, don't forget about the cap-rules. Nobody is taking pay-cuts to play with Steph, that's something the whiny Cavs players do.

OKC athleticism was always what gave the mighty-Spurs trouble, and now is translating to the mini-Spurs (Warriors) since they are clearly a half-step physically from what they were all season.

But that's no excuse, that's the game and those are the rules, if OKC keeps beating the Warriors, congratulations to them, a team that took their time to rebuild itself and stayed quiet and working hard.
Raptors are horrible on the road...the Eastern series is so weird...

as for the west, Thunder really out muscled the Warriors. I just think the Warriors may be having too much pressure on them to not only defend their title, but do it with this record. Steph getting hurt in the 1st round may have hurt them a little, but i don't think it hurt them too much, rather its the new found belief OKC has in beating the Spurs and taking Game 1 at Golden State that is pushing them to another level. The defensive work GSW has to do to match OKC is taking a toll on them and they don't have enough strength to be popping those 3s as often and accuracy declines...

As Chuck says, you rarely win by the three, but you definitely lose by the three.
Now that I watched Warriors two last games, I can tell you, the Warriors killer is Kevin Durant.

That dude is the most unstoppable player this team ever faced. He is trouble on both ends of the floor for them.

Warriors aren't all about threes, as a matter of fact, they have one of the best defenses in the game. With all the switcheroo between picks, with athletic, tall and fast guys guarding pretty much anyone without having to fight through picks.

But they just can't do it against Durant. If Warriors try to beat him with speed, he beats them with height, if they try to beat him with height he beat them with speed. That guy is more unstoppable than LeBron, cause LeBron you could clog the lane with Draymond or Bogut cause everybody knew he was gonna drive. Mr. Durant can do anything, he can escape the powerful Warriors defense that most people seem to forget are that powerful. Which is a shame cause the whole internet now turned into a Warriors hater, saying that they are not that great. Trust me they are fantastic, but that KD guy is something else.

And I didn't even mention KD on the other side of the ball, he is playing tremendous defense, he is taking Draymond out of the series. Draymond used to be Warriors KD on offense in a way, if you throw a big guy he is faster, if you throw a small guy he outmuscle him. But KD is the #1 mobile/tall guy in the league, he is fucking unique. Not to mention when he is switching to Steph and taking out Steph shot/drive so easily.

This series are the true NBA Finals, don't hate on Steph and the Warriors if they loose, and they probably will next game. Its just that the player that stayed in the shadow last couple of seasons with injuries and bad luck is back. He is a combination of Steph and LeBron, he might not shoot like Steph and dominates like LeBron, but his in between is so close to those two.

KD is sick! Part of me is devastated the Warriors will lose, part of me is glad KD is playing up to his potential, and the funny thing is that most people are not even noticing how good he is.

Internet and the media is just pure hate/love and extreme reactions to everything, if the media was for real they would notice how fantastic this series is.
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It's been a good series. OKC needs to treat game 6 like a game 7. Can't see GS losing game 7 at home.
I hope we get a close game 7. Have a feeling GS might run OKC off the court though. OKC blew it in game 6. They had the lead with 5 min left to play and choked it away with Durant going 1-7, bricking shots (2nd game this series where his shooting has been AWFUL during closing time) and Westbrook turning the ball over left and right. Durant gets a free pass most of the time by the media. If OKC lose game 7 they will be out in full force.
That last three by Curry was for Westbrook. :D That's what you get for disrespecting the UMVP. Onto the finals.
GM Lebron has got some work to do.
Lebron should play PF all the time. He's a faster more athletic Draymond Green. Look at all the damage he did in the post during game 3. Warriors game plan in game 3 was kinda flawed. When CLE went small they didn't go smaller. They kept Bogut out there and had him shoot in the post, WTF? I expect Klay and Steph to bounce back. They just missed shots
I never thought they'd do it, congrats to Cleveland.
I still think the NBA somewhat disadvantaged the Warriors in Games 5 and 6, but they deserved the win in Game 7 for sure.

Congratz to Lebron for finally fulfilling his promise of a championship at Cleveland.
Funny how I'm not disappointed, ever since game 4 things went to shite at GSW.

I think it was the legs that were missing in the end, maybe OKC and the Western Conference was too much for that team, they been struggling in these playoffs.

But for me Cleveland also looked exhausted in the end, and they still managed to get a couple of shots. So Warriors did deserve to lose, everybody knows the rules and the calendar, 73-9 is a great record but I would trade for better handling of the stars minutes and a title for sure.

Anyhow feels like the better team on the series won, but I still think Warriors are a better team overall, but its time to move on. Warriors won last year after a long time, now Cleveland gets their first and deserved title.

At least nobody will overpay Harrison Barnes and Ezeli now. They are alright rotation players and people were considering max offers for those guys :JAY:
Barnes definitely lost money but I think Ezeli will still get overpaid, not quite Whiteside but close.
So everything kind of came full circle. Still shows you need a performing center to win the whole thing. The loss of Bogut was massive.

Lebron really proving just about everyone wrong.
Wow. Congrats to Cleveland. Great end to what has been absolutely great season. 73 wins, Kobe's retirement, GS coming back from 3-1 to beat OKC and then CLE doing the same to GS. Also, an epic final and game 7. What more can you ask for as a fan? I think GS lets Barnes, Fetus, Clark, and Mo go. CLE should really get rid of Love. That said, I think they keep him because they won the title and he played good in game 7. I would like to see Steph develop his mid-range game for next year. It would be another weapon for him if his 3-ball is not falling.
I think GS lets Barnes, Fetus, Clark, and Mo go.

Barnes been terrible in the finals, and kinda of terrible in the playoffs and even terrible in a bunch of regular season games. But the dude gotta worth something, versatility in defense and the ability to hit the 3pt once in a while was a trend a couple of weeks ago, now 3 losses in a row and the Warriors style suddenly won't be copied by the league? I hope the Warriors can turn him into an asset. Not him actually here tho, there's just no climate for him anymore.

I don't want to see Ezeli, Mo and Varejão again, as much as Ezeli and Mo brought something someday. Ezeli would be fine if cheap, Mo is a good guy when he is scoring and thats just about it. You can not spend valuable money on these guys.

I don't understand the rules, but maybe Warriors can sign Barnes and Ezeli and trade them right after. But teams can offer them money without giving nothing, so a deal is going to be hard.

Ian Clark I don't mind, he is actually kinda of good, a nice third option to Curry/Livingston.

I really want Warriors to look at Horford maybe Batum or Chandler Parsons if they get a bit bellow the max offer. I mean being 73-9 gotta be attractive too.

Second options would be Joakim Noah and Marvin Williams, but IDK.

I always knew this summer would be the Warriors thoughest summer, back in the day I used to think we would not have reach this level and get serious about KD to make a run at the title.

But things are totally different from what I expected, Warriors already won, our window opened sooner than expected. Barnes and Ezeli didn't developed at all, Draymond and Klay exceeded the expectations and salaries. At least the cap is bigger than expected too, and Golden State seem like a way better destination than before, gonna be a fun and potentially league changing summer for the NBA. I expect both GSW and CLE to take a step back though, the league can catch up for those who are smart.
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Knicks starting to make some moves already! Gambling on D.Rose.

Indiana got Jeff Teague, Utah got G.Hill.

This off season has potential to be crazy, that cap change will make a lot of teams gamble.
I really like Utah, still annoys me how they ruined 'our' roster in 2K16 by giving Kobe a two year deal and dumping Rodney Hood.

Anyway I expect them to make the playoffs next season.
Really odd trade that Rose. Obviously not the MVP-calibre player he was, but effectively trading him for RoLo is weird.

Wonder who the Knicks will go after as their centre though. Do they have the cap space for Whiteside?
Happy with the Suns draft, somewhat disappointed about giving up the rights to Bogdanovic but I understand the team and the player's reasons.

Now trade Brandon Knight and make Booker the starting two guard.
Wow! Going to try that in 2K, it will feel like cheating.

On the down side, any other outcome than 2 consecutive rings would be a total failure.

Plus, they need power in the paint if they want to stop Lebron next year. If they loose Bogut (as it seems they will) who will be playing there?

Anyway, very excited to see what they are able to do in the court.
Well, KD just screwed the NBA. How somebody could win against that team?

Unless Lebron will be cloned at Ohio.

edit: Barnes and Bogut joining the Mavs. Finally a decent Center for Dallas, even though it's not a Howard or DeAndre.
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