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My amateur movie - tribute to Konami.


21 May 2006

I'm new in this community (hello everybody!) and in first post I would like to present my little movie. It's about few games - I presume you all know them ;) - simple: a tribute to Konami.

This was inspired after seeing such tribute done by KAiWAi and Mathieu DUBOST. Mine is different, not as good as theirs but it has that "something" - we'll - you'll be the judges after all.

I hope you'll enjoy watching it, I know I did making it.

(and yeah, I know it's about 95-05 era and I started from WE2002, but this is my 1st WE game, I haven't got anything <2002 ;) ).

Kind Regards, Marburg.

(I almost forgot... links)

-- YouSendIt:

-- RapidShare:

Runtime: 11 minutes
Size: 26.6MB

Thanks for any "constructive" criticism.
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