Issues from 23rd April upgrade


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14 December 2018
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Hi admins, I noticed today that the forum software seems updated. And while typing out a reply, I found that the emoji sets are missing (both classic and the newer ones). Is this intentional behavior?


12 December 2001
@Mart updated the board software, which, unfortunately, left some collateral damage here and there. Sorry for the inconveniences this may cause, rest assured we're gonna fix things asap!


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2 February 2007
Not just emoticon sets - entire "post reply" box seems to be reverted to ordinary textbox, without any formatting options. PC, Opera browser


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28 February 2002
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We had an add-on installed to do some of the BB code stuff however this new version of XenForo completely overhauled the text editor so I've disabled the add-on for now. Please let me know if you see anything missing.


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14 December 2018
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You see how the notifications are all the same colour making it harder to see whats newView attachment 95657
Screenshot_20210424-010812.jpgWell I have something of the sort on mobile (if you can see the white filled and hollow dots.

However its a little iffy on desktop.
By the way, I think none of the formatting option buttons (even the file insert options) are working on mobile.


23 August 2020
I like the new "questions" forums with voting and solutions marking in the update - would be good, but might be hard to add it to specific areas of current forum layout.

With the new post text editor toolbar - I can't see spoiler - oh wait, the icon for spoiler has changed to what use to be "hide". So has hide been removed?
Can spoiler be put in the visible icons please - so many users seem unable to use it for images.

I mentioned elsewhere, but the similar posts at the bottom of every page are not useful in my opinion and often not really similar.


30 May 2020
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Having issues with the site on Chrome; I can't click on the "Home" or "Forums" tabs without ending up on this page:

evoweb issue chrome.JPG

With other browsers there are no issues however.


23 August 2020
Oh, and notifications seem broken. I get some but a lot don't appear as an alert bell or in the notifications. Example - I got nothing in my notifications about replies here, yet I have default to follow threads I comment in.


23 August 2020
so is the function still the same as before ?. Should react before seeing the link?
Nope. Hide seems to be completely removed. What I was saying is that the icon that use to be Hide was now the icon to create a spoiler.

Screenshot 2021-04-24 191421.jpg

I think the
Hidden content
Click the "Like" button to see the hidden content!
does not exist 😢
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14 December 2006
It seems like HIDE option will give you "more respects" than just post something without it? Am I right? If so I think if modder so popular then It don't need a code like "HIDE". What do you think? 😉

I used to use this function, as i thought it helped the site monitor download traffic. However it's not mandatory, so that's why i stopped using it.
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