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how can i perform a succesful lob?


24 August 2005
high there.. good old times were those when in we8 by pressing :l1: +:square:, a high ball passed over the keeper...
what is the key to perform this in we10??

thx in advance!


It doesnt work like past versions.
I have tried many times, and it always go high above the crossbar.
Even with "el gordo" Ronaldo.

Any tricks???


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
Use less power?

L1 and R1 lobs are a little different, as they were from WE8 to WE9. Just need to relearn how to do them.


Discovered The FK Bug
30 November 2003
SL Benfica
lob with shot + r1 after the shot. seabass said it's the only lob the keeper gets fooled with.
has done wonders in wex, for me.


i hail from ISS time
9 November 2004
i scored a lob goal today with Forlan...just fo the L1 and shoot putton....with a feeling:)


29 March 2005
I noticed that in we9 and pes5 you can do a higher lob when pressing L1 + :square: when receiving a pass, and is almost impossible to do it otherwise, but it happens very few times. The same thing happens in we10, try it in training mode.
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