Horizon Series - Forbidden West [PS5/PS4] Out Now

I must be getting old, I can't even find their review score on that page.
They don't do "scores" any more (because they oppose Metacritic), but there are four "levels" to each review - "avoid" (0-3), no label (4-6), "recommended" (7-8), and "essential" (9-10).

Their HZD review has no label so they're essentially giving it a 6/10.

But again, they're the only place that are, so I think they might be a little too cynical in this instance (but again, I find I usually agree with them, who knows).
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Surprised by those high review scores. Eurogamer review looks about right to me based on what I've seen and heard. Typical Guerrilla game, nice visually but not memorable otherwise.
Ha ha. After looking at the reviews that have come in over the last couple of days I think Eurogamer may have missed the mark with their review of this.:THINK:
This is the most gorgeous game I have ever played. And the most engaging story. Best game to this date... Curious if RDR2 can beat this.
This game looks absolutely mental on the Playstation 4 Amateur Edition, I can hardly imagine how it could look better on the Pro. I'm sure it does, it's just that I'm having a hard time imagining it. Only just tipped a toe in though, so no real thoughts on the gameplay yet.
It did look graphically awesome, so might give this a go, although playing a few games at the moment so will get it later.
Visuals looked decent but the gameplay didn't appeal to me in the slightest, if the scifi/tech stuff was removed and it was similar to Far Cry Primal in as much as fighting against "real" dinosaurs etc it'd probably interest me.
Finished the game. In terms of visuals and tech, it's probably the most spectacular game I've ever played on a console. In terms of gameplay, there are absolutely brilliant parts (everything that has to do with machines), average parts (quests that feel like fillers and don't add to the story) and quite mediocre things in the way (I found some parts of the story not very inspired, specially towards the end). That said, a very good game, though to me it falls short from being a masterpiece. I'll probably try Zelda next.
Got this and Zelda around the same time. HZD is amazing, but playing it after playing Zelda is no contest really. The 'go anywhere, do anything' nature of Zelda makes HZD (and too be fair, most games like it) very limited now!
yeah this is still on the back of the que for me and probably will be until I finish Blood and Wine, I don't really have room in my life for this and Witcher 3 at the same time.
Confirmed for PC release on August 7th, will be available on Steam and EPIC games store.

The PC version will have ultra-wide screen support, unlocked framerates, dynamic foliage, multiple graphical customisation options, improved reflections, controller options, benchmarking tool.

If there is a PC version coming then I would also expect a PS5 enhanced version to also be released later in the year - Although this has not been confirmed.
Finally got back into this - it's been so long that I had to start again from the beginning. Didn't remember why I fell off it but reading the above posts it was that it was sort of clashing with the Witcher 3 playthrough. The plan now is to finish it before Forbidden West comes out, then I can buy that day one and ignore it for 5 years :D
Played quite a bit more of this now, although it doesn't quite have me hooked yet, it's close. It still looks absolutely stunning (playing on PS5) but there are definitely some tiny rough edges here and there. Climbing stuff is like Ghost of Tsushima, it can be a bit confusing. Sometimes you press x and sometimes you press only the direction? I honestly still don't know. The inventory, like most games like this I suppose, is daunting at first. What do I do with all this different stuff? It does have a text describing what you can use each thing for, which is nice, also means you can just sell a lot of it. I am finally getting into the fighting, but it can be quite challenging at times. Traps and ropes are essential, but the problem I keep running into now is that I keep dying when I didn't realize I was badly hurt to begin with. Apart from the health bar, which is prominent but tough to keep an eye on when you need to line up accurate shots, the game doesn't really tell you that you are close to buying the farm. Most other games have intense vibrating or a red outline on the screen, stuff like that. But as I get further in, I mind it less and usually feel like I'll just get it next time.
It took a long time, but I am finally into this game in a big way. I was almost tearing hair doing a particular training ground, where the damn birds just f*cked me up every time. I was bloody skint and had to reload an earlier save not to be completely drained of money and resources. Then right after that, the big birds came into play and they started f*cking me up. But I stuck with it and now I might return to this earlier training ground, with upgraded weapons and packed with resources. Story wise I have had more fun with the Erend stuff than the big "mystery" But the former seems to have reached an end, at least for now, so it's back to the other thing. Can't really tell how far I actually am, the side missions are quite time consuming, they often send you to the other side of the map.
Quite deep into this now, although I can't really tell how far from the end I am. The plan was to buy Forbidden West right away but I also fear I might burn out on it if I go straight in after a marathon week of Zero Dawn.
I probably won't be able to help myself though.

Since This game hasn't racked up many pages here I will just change the name of this thread and have it be for both games:

Reviews are out for Forbidden West and they are very favorable. At 89% now from metacritic, seems to be more of the same, but even better. So those who like the first game should at least be in for a treat.
Gfx will be stunning. I Hope the storyline will not be boring and the game will keep us up for 30h straight
Finished Zero Dawn last night. The first time I think that I was actually annoyed that they didn't make me start the last boss fight again when I lost - Because I then understood what I had to do. Instead they started me in the middle of it, with most of my resources for ammo gone. And it was a fun fight too, very long but still enjoyable.
This game is a lot of fun to play but the story never hooked me the same way that Witcher 3 did. Don't get me wrong, the general plot is quite interesting and the mystery that gets unfolded about why the world is in that state is very cool and very messed up! Aloy is a wonderful character as well. I guess I could have used a few more side missions and errands that go completely differently than you suspected, I guess I'm a bit spoiled on TW3 which had those in absolute spades.
There was a weird thing near the endgame, where I got a useful thing earlier than I should have - I was scratching my head over getting it and found a Youtube video where it was called a bug or a glitch, and showed me a way where I had to kind of spam jump up a cliff to get there - Later it was quite apparent that this was no glitch at all, as the area had easy access to it at the time I was supposed to get there. It's a credit to the game that it recognized that I had been to the area and I didn't have to fight the enemies again, although the item I got made fighting a lot of enemies easier than it would have been. So that felt like a bit of a cheat on my end, but it was by accident, really!
Doesn't really matter as I always "cheat" a bit in these games by wildly over leveling my character 😄

Anyway, a very good game, and I absolutely give it higher marks for gameplay than TW3, just controlling the bow and most weapons is silky smooth and enjoyable, the only thing that stands in its way is only having immediate access to 4 weapons on the wheel. Trip spamming is fun as hell too, once I hid in a ravine close to a large enemy, threw all my traps on the ground and then let it know I was there - Watching it stumble into shock bomb after fire bomb while being electrocuted again and again was hilarious!

For now, I don't really feel like jumping into Forbidden West right away, or even to get The Frozen Wilds add on, to get to The Witcher 3 for the umpteenth time I think its the only game that absolutely nailed added story content, and I might just skip TFW altogether.

But damn, feels good to get a game done that's been in the backlog forever. God of War next, I guess 🤪
Still on the fence buying this one. I finished the 1st one back then but it was a bit repetitive towards the end this is why I didn't even start the Frozen Wilds.
It seems I'm getting bored with this kind of games. Uninstalled God of War after around 3h. Thinking about Elden Ring but I've never managed to go far into any of FromSoftware games. I don't know where is the fun on move, fight, die, rinse and repeat until you beat someone.
On the other hand I keep getting back to Deus Ex games, TW3, Cyberpunk 2077 even though I've finished them multiple times. Strange I'm not getting bored with these ones.
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