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20 July 2011
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To add one last thing. Yes, I know rape is a really, really horrible thing but what about when ppl get beheaded. Why no outrage from them? Today I said "Isn`t that just as bad?" or when Jamie threw a little kid out the window. They had no problem with that stuff now all of sudden rape happens on the show and they are mad. Laughable really.

I wonder how these people feel about Missandei being nude in the most recent episode, I mean the character is only supposed to be 10 years old..
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9 January 2002
See the show has eclipsed The Sopranos as HBO's most popular show in history.

It is a fantastic show, defo one of my favs, although still have a few in front of it.

The fight was epic, lol.



20 September 2005
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The season finale is a GAME CHANGER.

I don't know how to feel, I liked some of those goners, (Tywin) and the character with the best name was one of them.
JOJEN! lemme scream his name one last time. Best name ever.

Though a book reader told some Tywin stuff that is not in the series and its really awful. But I don't know, I kinda of liked the actor, same for the Hound and JOJEN! I screamed it again sorry.


23 March 2005
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I will only tell you... It's one year left for the next season, but as a book reador all I can say is that the opening of season 5 may bring another big game changer... Now you have a full year to anxiously wait!

On a serious note, I think season 4 was the best of the pack, and it's up there with the best seasons of TV ever. Almost everything was perfectly done, performed and explained. Massive action scenes, great dialogues, emotional rollercoasters, unsuspected cliffhangers, great duels... You can't ask for more on a tv series.


9 January 2002
Yeah very enjoyable, not sure of the 'very ending', bit bleh, although what it followed was pretty fun.

Going to be a long wait.

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