hi is there a tool to change the structure of the competitions? without doing it every time before a career
such as definitively moving a promoted or relegated team. Thank you
Hi guys,

Do FIFA 20 mods work with FIFA 22?

Looking at a boot pack.

If not, any way to convert?

hello - i play fifa 22 on the pc.

i installed the mod manager and the "fifa editor tool".
i would like to change the height and zoom of the be a pro camera in the be a pro player career mode.
can anyone give me tips on how to edit the be a pro camera with the fifa editor tool?

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Is anybody else having problems getting mods to load? Mine are not working. Have tried everything
me too, today not possible to load mods ... but but, i launch the gale directly trough the EA App, with the adding parmeter -dataPath FIFAModData and i was able to play with Mods ... really
and how did you manage it ?

What exactly did you do to make it work now? - The game doesn't start for me even with the mod manager .
Here is the very latest version of my "Be aPro" camera mod for Fifa 23 :


I changed the camera a bit and the camera is now almost always behind the player.

Not quite perfect yet - but better than before.
(This latest version of the camera mod is exclusively for Fifa 23 - since I'm not playing Fifa 22 at the moment.)

Latest version of Fifa Mod Manager is required.

Have fun !

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