FIFA 16 simulation gameplay (video)


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No game will ever be 100% perfect. After all, it will always be a game.

Especially yearly-released titles like FIFA and PES. You can only put so much new stuff in it, while correcting issues reported to you by users that you pick at random (more like as a sample), and you do the same the next year, and the next.

If they would stop doing this and say, "Ok, now we're gonna work on the most realistic football simulator ever, and we're gonna release it when it's done", maybe they'll release it in 10 years, but then, after 10 years of intense and detailed work, then maybe we would have the definitive football experience.

Look, Madmac79 is right. I like FIFA 16, I really do, but since I started tweaking it, I'm seeing annoying quirks and issues here and there, many brought to light by my very own edits. And I'm 100% sure it would happen if I were to edit FIFA 19 or PES 2008. I would see things that I like, while also seeing things I don't at the same time.

In any case, please, let's just stop here. This is not what I want. I want to keep having fun tweaking this game, nothing more :))

Thank you :))


15 July 2013
@Madmac79 and @Ciais, you are absolutely spot on. I'm a perfectionist myself and always tend to look for the "perfect" game, but it ain't gonna happen realistically. Even if there are really great games, they also have some weaknesses. It's about what you value the most in a football game, and for me it will be definitely the individuality/stats influence, for others it will be team individuality/cpu difficulty/number of fouls/graphics/game modes/etc... Maybe the solution is to keep changing game like @Madmac79, but i absolutely love to edit players, teams, etc... So i tend to keep playing on a single game.


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18 August 2018
Not trying to stir anything, but I do see @El Pajaro 's point..

You are all right. You are right in saying that everyone seeks something else from a football game. That some things are more important than other for people. And that different people can "forgive" lack of different things.

Having said that, he does have a point, as fouls are one of basic elements in that sport. If you read Basic Rules of football, they don't mention player individuality, or teams playing certain way. They do mention fouls tho. Striping football game of fouls is crippling the entire idea of that discipline.

It becomes table soccer..

If you dont have fouls - you dont have free kicks, you dont have cards, you dont have penalties..
if you dont have fouls - the whole thing suffers.
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1 January 2006
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Of course he has a point, low fouls are the reason I decided to start tweaking this game :))

Besides, don't worry about stirring anything: El Pajaro and I have known each other for a long time, sometimes we may not see eye to eye, true, but that doesn't mean we're never going talk to each other again. And Madmac79 is a good friend too ;))

PS: @fmicablues7, I also just play the single game I like the most, in my case FIFA 16 as you all know. I never were really good at multitasking :PP
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