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So is Neymar really off then or is this more paper bullshit? I say 50-50. He can be the main man at a lot of clubs, just not Barca or Real as long Messi and Ronaldo are playing at a high level. He can have the world at his feet if he wants it.
'best club in the world' Pep really has you guys drinking the kool-aid;))

'Messi's heir' he isn't, he was always going to be The Robin to his Batman, the sidekick. Messi is 30 but he isn't slowing down enough for that shift in balance to occur until another 4 to 5 years where Neymar himself would be approaching 30, and lets say it did come sooner, the narrative wouldn't shift too much. Neymar was the star of the show during the PSG comeback but the catalan press had Messi front and centre, and of course they would he's TBE and their prodigal son, Neymar will and never can be that.

I think leaving to go become the 'main man' is the right decision and a brave one.
Well, as a complete package, it is.

Neymar says he lives for challenges. The challenge to outshine Messi and lead Barca post-Messi is a better sporting challenge than going to a 5th rate league where no-one will give a shit that he scores a hat trick every other week. Nothing brave about running away.
Everything about this transfer is soo wrong.
The fact that Neymar has waited to go to Quatar until the day after he gets a "fidelity" bonus from Barcelona.
The amount of money that goes to his father. This as much as the world record transfer of Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid.That amount of money goes to the "manager" of the player. This is obscene.

The fact that PSG are a Quatari vehicle and not a real football club.

The fact that this transfer is a revenge from Quatar to Barcelona, because they are no longer shirt sponsors.

The fact that this transfer is used in foreign policy, i.e. the conflict Quatar has with other Arabian countries.

The fact that this ruïns the French competition.

The fact that this will have a massive effect on the transfer market (Barcelona has a load of cash and will go for other excellent players like Coputinho and that this will weaken clubs like Liverpool and will only strenghten the very big clubs).

The fact that this will only make the CL more out of reach for 99% of the clubs. What are the clubs that can win the CL: both Spanish Giants, Bayern, perhaps Juventus and perhaps now PSG (i doubt it).

The fact that this is killing youth development (England has just had excellent results in youth tournaments, how many of these players will make it in the EPL? Perhaps none of them).

The fact that Neymar moves out of Spain because tax fraud is under scrutiny there (also look at Ronaldo's reaction).

This is a sad day for football. This is not about Barcelona, but about football.

UEFA and FIFA should reflect on the role of football in the 21 century society, but of course they will not...it's all about money.

PS: i don't begrudge Neymar his obscene salary, i would also take it...just like 99% of other people.
I think Mourinho made the best point on the Neymar deal.

It is not too much the case that Neymar is overpriced, he is in the next bracket of top players after Messi and Ronaldo.

But this will now over-inflate prices elsewhere, where you will now start seeing £50-60m player become the absolute norm.
You can see it already with Swansea wanting 50m+ for Sigurdson, yes a good player but realistically only a 15-20m player.

It seems now that Man Utd would of got an absolute bargain if they only paid £80m for Griezmann.

I know why Neymar did the transfer he needed to not be the 3rd best attacker in a front 3, but the main focal point of a team and try to get that team to win the Champions League, which I believe at some point in the next 5 years PSG eventually will.

His aim is to also win the Ballon d'Or, which he does have a semi decent chance of doing once Messi and Ronaldo retires, but he will be 28-30 by that time and there might be a new kid on the block like Mbappe by that time who has overtaken Neymar.

But sooner or later the transfer market surely has to crash, and valuations return to near normal, because if PSG don't get in trouble with Financial Fair Play over this, then it means the system doesn't work, as clubs are bigger than UEFA.
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The EU will certainly look at this transfer.
Neymar aiming for the Ballon D'Or is typical for nowadays football.
What sens has an individual trophy in a team sport? None.

What Swansea asked for Sigurdsson was already determined before the Neymar transfer, and i absolutely agree with that price tag. Is he worth it? No, he isnt, but he is their most important player. That amount is used to detract other clubs and if they want to pay that outrageous amount, then good for Swansea.
Can't see the Neymar fee changing the market outside of the very top players having a larger buyout clause (or non at all)
This wasn't a transfer deal like others where 2 clubs come to an agreed price over the worth of the player to eachother. It was someone mental coming along and paying to cancel a crazy contract.
This will remain the world record for many. many years now.

There's no such thing as an objective worth. To Barca now Verratti would be worth nearly 100m but if Barca had prime Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta, Verratti would be worth 0m to them
Two scrappy goals leading us past a stubborn Real Sociedad side. No clean sheet this time as well. Match ends 2-1.
Yes, two goals that show the character of the liga winner, we are gonna need those when the team is in the condition it was in today, it was a surprise comeback, but no surprise,coutinho and busquets made the difference for midfield and a hefty one
The distress is real. The humiliation is too much. The Champions League was ours for the taking, and we bottled it in typical Valverde style.
big distress, valverde out, arthur should have started from the beginning, we don t need muscle for this game (vidal) we needed to control the midfield, the CL was ours for the taking..
Messi out? Looks that way from everything I have read if there's truth to any of it. It will defn be interesting to see him in a new league if he makes the move. If he makes the move, Man City look to be the favorites (Pep Effect) to land him w/ PSG, Inter and possibly Juve also in the mix.
Messi out? Looks that way from everything I have read if there's truth to any of it. It will defn be interesting to see him in a new league if he makes the move. If he makes the move, Man City look to be the favorites (Pep Effect) to land him w/ PSG, Inter and possibly Juve also in the mix.
I think he's definitely going... But seems difficult from legal standpoint. City seems the most likely, I agree.
We have another huge problem on our hands.. 167 Million budget for wages, we need to sell alot to get that, Coutinho, Griezmann, Pjanic, Umtiti, Roberto (possibly) all need to be out. Dembele is injured so no way we can sell him
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