Europa League created Cup mode question.


25 September 2019
Hey all,

Firstly I am fairly new to Evoweb, I have decided to reinstall the game since the latest update and play again. Therefore I am a little more active on the forums (The Editing Forum) mainly for mods.

I have just created two cup competitions, one being the Champions League including all mods associated with that, and the Europa League, again all mods associated with that as well.

Once I have got through the group stages and reached the knockout phase of the competitions, is it possible to manually input the eight 3rd placed teams from the Champions League I have created and put them into my Europa League competition? Or does the computer AI add the 8 teams in randomly to the Europa League knock out phase?

This is not Master League by the way, this is two competitions I have created in the Cup section of the menu. I think it would be a cool feature if this could be done.

Any comments, advice, or help of any kind regarding this would be most appreciated thank you.

Please all stay safe in these unprecedented times. Take care all.

Kind regards.
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