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21 June 2012
Why do we have to speak only in English otherwise ban? I mean, this is the racism in the purest form. I am pretty sure that this could be theoretically be examined by court and judge.

Whats next? Users with a different native langue than English will get label or will have to work in Siberia?

Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
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How are we, as mods, supposed to moderate content in 10+ different languages? Copy/paste every single post into Google Translate and then make judgements with no understanding of potential subtext?

That's not going to happen. Whereas using your mobile's keyboard with a translation extension (which for me on Android is an always-there button above the main keyboard), to translate from any language to English, is easy.

If you sign up to Evo-Web you accept the rules. If you don't like the rules, we can delete your account should you wish. And if you genuinely think this is "racist", you're an idiot. This is a free-to-use website for PES fans, we protect our community the best we can - and we can only do this if we understand the content being posted. We have no financial means to help us. It's entirely volunteer-based. If you don't like it, again, we'd be happy to delete your account.

EDIT: There is also a specific non-English section of the editing forum, for all non-English messages referring to editing (and is small enough for us to moderate it with confidence). That is available here.
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12 December 2001
I'm responsible for the site's well-being and putting up that latest notice, let me explain without having to resort to questionable mental gymnastics like you did there.

As Chris already mentioned, this site is a hobby. There's no money to be made. Not for me, not for any owner and not for the moderators. We're doing this for fun in our free time. Our team consists of members who, mostly, speak English as their native language. We used to have Spanish speaking moderators, too, but they've left the site a while ago and we didn't really feel the need to fill that specific spot since.

I value the time my moderators invest to keep the place as tidy and welcoming as possible. Unfortunately, due to an influx of Spanish and Portuguese speaking users over the last few years, there's also been a stark influx of Spanish/Portuguese posts being made which originally gave birth to our "No English?" sub in the Editing forum to cater as many people from all around the globe as possible. While we still think it's a great idea, that, unfortunately, didn't decrease the number of posts being made in a foreign language outside of that sub. Us having to resort to translators not only became annoying and time consuming, it also lead to me putting up several notices in big yellow boxes pretty regularly, asking people to please refrain from posting in any other language than English. Seeing you being a member since 2012, I'm honestly baffled by how you simply couldn't connect the obvious dots prior to creating this thread: Those notices didn't work, people didn't care when they've dismissed that yellow box. And if people don't feel the need to have at least an ounce of respect for those running and managing this site by obeying that one simple rule, then it's time for us to stop having respect as well. Is it harsh? Sure is. But it's the only thing that, so far, seems to be working.


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1 June 2023
The court would throw out your case and tell you if you didn’t like it to instead visit a forum of your native language
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