Digital or analogue controls

Analogue or digital controls

  • I'm using the analogue stick to control player movement

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  • I'm using the D-pad to control player movement

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I would like to know which controlling method (analogue > stick or digital > d-pad) you rather use.


yeh d-pad is definately most accurate, also another querie; u know when the ball tends to follow the chosen direction, u would have thought that using analouge more accurate, does anyone notice a difference?


I use D-pad, I always have done. I find it more accurate when dribbling, as there are only so many different directions you can go in, with the press of one or two buttons.

It gets quite dodgy when using the analog stick, as you could easily misplace it, and travel in a different direction. Though like OEG said above me, it should be more accurate when shooting, as there are so many different directions in which you can place the ball.


Analogue rules, you just have to give it a chance, I've used the analogue stick ever since PES came out, the first one on the PS2, it takes a bit of the gettin used to but once you get the hang of it, it's much more effective than the D-Pad.


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3 August 2003
excactly why the analogue stick rules bigtime. And then it rules again, and then it rules some more. In short, it rules.


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14 July 2003
first i used analogue, but i stepped over to digital since its gives quicker reactions when dribbeling.


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8 January 2002
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I use the analogue stick, although Seabass himself clains that the game is meant to be played with the d-pad...


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31 May 2005
gerd said:
I use the analogue stick, although Seabass himself clains that the game is meant to be played with the d-pad...

Once you go analog, you can't go back. Been using analogs since the Dualshocks were introduced on PSX. Great for realistic dribbing, no instant cuts. Can make mistakes. (realistic, IMO).

Just hope KOnami put in pressure sensitivity to the analog sticks so you could better control movement. Light tilt= little movement, hard tilt= more pronounced movement. Woulnd it be great to vary jukes, and body movement by how muck pressure you exert on the stick.


PS: Seabass personally prefers to use D-pad. He never claimed the game was meant for D-pads.
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23 March 2005
Hello !
I'm using D-Pads for player movements and analogs (R3) for manual passing ;) . L3 make me very hard to move correctly :( . Is any body here living in Vietnam ? If so, please contact me and we can play WE together.


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12 July 2005
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D-pad all the way, i have retarded fingers because i can dribble really, really accurate with the D-pad and of course, shooting's better
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