Death Stranding


Team Heffernan
25 May 2003
Rego Park, Germany
Team Heffernan

Platforms: PS4/PC
Release Date: 08 NOV 2019

Developer: Kojima Productions
Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama

Deliveryman Sam Porter must travel across a ravaged wasteland and reconnect the city states of America formed after a mysterious apocalyptic event dubbed 'death stranding' left the world in ruins and plagued by supernatural tar creatures.

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so today there is expected to come new information...

when i do get a little hyped for football games every year... i go beserk when there is a kojima game coming up...! :D

edit: during the endless loop video konami had online... there was a new picture shown for just a milli second:

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I still don't quite understand what's Death Stranding all about? What genre?.
Is it a FPS?
I still don't quite understand what's Death Stranding all about? What genre?.
Is it a FPS?
nothing is confirmed yet. only kojima knows (i hope so!!). so everything is pure speculation!
and thats part of the joy i feel when kojima games are in the pipeline! :)
...and i bet its part of kojimas road to release! LOVE IT! :D
the live stream is showing a futuristic motorcycle riding the wildlands! nice!
i've seen some snowy wildlands too!
indoor scene shows a mechanic door closing! like a curtain! looked like a base. i dont know!
one scene shows the chara travers to a higher point of a mountain via an ladder he puts in front of that height he wants to reach.

just have a look here, guys:

i am teased for sure!!! :APPLAUD: :EASY:
That is just fantastic. I'm speechless!

How can they create an open world game like that with THAT level of realism but they couldn't bring it on to PES?.
It looks really good.
Some people are afraid it will be bit static (not to say boring) with all this travelling through wilderness. But atmosphere adds a lot and any clips I've seen are dripping with atmosphere. Really looking forward to this game.
Konami doing stupid things with Hideo Kijima in the past. Now he's gone & Konami are crying now :D
But Hideo Kojima used to work with Konami on PES!
Kojima is not working for Konami since ... 2015 or 2016. YEah, Konami are that stupid to lost one of the biggest names in the game developer. Kojima never works on PES, He just gives his FOX engine to PES team to use it. Everything made by his and his teams like an engine or a game is owned by Konami so that the Engine remains owned by Konami. Unfortunately, after Kojima left, there is no one to update and develop the FOX engine anymore, for that reason the PES series will switch to UNREAL for next generation.
Mad props to Sony for getting Kojima on board, knowing full well that there is no way you can rein that mad bastard in. Game looks mental, in the best possible way.
Kojima never worked on PES. They only used his Fox engine on it. This game is not Fox engine.

I was under the impression that Kojima worked side by side with the PES team to help them get the most out of the FOX ENGINE until PES 2017 or 18. Sorry if I was mistaken.
I'm guessing, with the ghosts and all, that Death Stranding does not just mean the strands, or connections, but also about death literally stranding, not being fulfilled.
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