David Bowie 1947 - 2016


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3 August 2003
Guys, I am bummed out.

David Bowie, one of the greatest songwriters/icons of our time has passed away. I have always loved the dude, since I got to know his music in the eighties, and later sought out to get to know his earlier stuff. His later music, from about 1990 and to the end I admit I'm not well enough into. Do love Earthling though, think I am one of maybe not that many that do.

He was criticized for "selling out" with his Let's Dance album, but I have always felt that Bowie just did whatever he wanted. When he wanted to make some money with some hits, he did just that.

What a man. He will always have my respect.

Say hello from me to the Starman in the sky, David.


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21 June 2007
i love his music, even the new album i heard some of the songs, i liked him..

huge loss.



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8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
One of the all-time greats.
The last album is very good...

Wrote some of the best songs ever:

Life on Mars
Wild is the Wind

and so many others...


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8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
Wild is the Wind was not an original song of his, but he certainly made it his own.

That is a revelation for me...never knew this.

Who was the original artist of that song..(i will google it, never mind).

Edit from Wikipedia:

Wild Is the Wind" is a song written by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington. The track was originally recorded by Johnny Mathis for the 1957 film Wild Is the Wind
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