Chilling with Seabass and PES5 on PSP


3 May 2002
Helsinki, Finland
Might be the wrong thread, sorry about that!

Anyways..I'll post a longer post later, but I'm at the Leipzig Games Convention. Guess who sat next to me on my flight to Leipzig? I kid you not. Seabass himself. Pretty incredible.

I played lots of PES5 on PSP at the show and in private. The game is superb on the PSP and the version shown was according to Seabass himself final.

You can see a few shots of the game in action that I snapped at the show here

Seabass and me enjoying some PES5 drinks :)



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12 December 2002
Liège, Belgium
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WOW Riot, you a happy man now !!! ;-)

Could you confirm some new licences ?
Scandinavian teams ? Bundensliga ? A national team ?

I'm waiting for more informationa bout PSP impressions...thank to share your comments !!!


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12 December 2002
Liège, Belgium
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Riot, don't forgive us !! ;-)

Could you give more details ?
Is the gameplay of PES5 is the same as the WE9 one ?



11 November 2001
KAiWAi, there is an official press release about the North American version of WE9 on the forum somewhere.

Winning Eleven 9 will feature full team rosters and official kits for all clubs playing in the Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and Dutch Eredivisie leagues, and also some of the world's biggest clubs from famous European leagues. New additions include English champions Chelsea and runners-up Arsenal, while the 'Old Firm' Scottish clubs of Rangers and Celtic will also be included. Norwegian Champions Rosenburg will also be joined by Portuguese giants FC Porto, Turkey's Galatasaray SK, Denmark's FC Kopenhagen, Ukraine's Dynamo Kiev, and Djurgarden from Sweden.

If they are already announcing this now, then they obviously have the licenses secured and it's probably 99% certain to be in PES5 too.


21 March 2004
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Lucky you!

MMmmm... Tempts me to buy a PSP.

Anyway, did you get to play PES5? If so is there much difference between 60hz WE9 and 50hz PES5?


:shock: Great stuff :applause: you lucky man must be good on the PSP :) .


Its not anwserd, so im going to ask it again: What about the loading times? You now anything about that?
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