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Because for bebo everything about Chelsea is bad and fake...don't search any logic behind it...our friend bebo just doesn't like Chelsea...
How was it "fabricated"?

For me it just feels too much ,like a player joining the club and kisses the badge. It has nothing about liking Chelsea. When you see Klopp you see the connection among players. I think Conte is trying to convince others he`s that guy. To throw yourself onto supporters because no players run to you possibly.
The little I've seen of Conte I don't mind the guy. OTT celebrations are certainly better than something like the Benitez way of barely registering the goal has even happened.

I think the top flight teams managers are a fun bunch, and it doesn't hurt that Mourinho is back at United, it's been so long since I have had a reason to hate him.
I love Conte but it definitely looked over the top. Even at Juve I've never seen him go into the crowd like that.
Did Costa spend the summer collecting dirty photos of prem refs? 2 weeks in a row he should have been watching from the changing rooms, instead scores winners.

Conte's team came from behind to win the game, and him being Conte, doesn't look like there's anything out of place.
Did Costa spend the summer collecting dirty photos of prem refs? 2 weeks in a row he should have been watching from the changing rooms, instead scores winners.


It's most likely due to referee not giving a blatant penalty to us in both occasion.
How was it "fabricated"?

That's the feeling you get after watching Wenger for years.

Back to topic, very pleased to see the mentality of the team this year, last year would of been game over going behind like the two earlier games. I would love to see Costa and Batshuayi partnering up front from kick off, we could be very lethal.
Top of the league as long as City draws or lose. We need to keep this momentum and buy atleast 3 more players. LB/RB, CB and a striker.
2 oddities from CFC today:
1. Cuadrado on a '3 year loan' to Juventus? What does that even mean?
2. Of all the players to bring back and fit into a Conte defense, David Luiz is probably bottom of a list I could think of. Supremely talented, but almost 30 and still making game-changing mistakes. Are there really no better 40m options?!
Why on earth does Conte continue playing Matic further upfield than Kante? He offers nothing there. Kante's best when pressing opponents, he can't do that at DM without leaving gaps.

Infact I'd drop Matic when you get Terry/Zouma back

Hazard Costa Willian
---Kante Fabregas
ANTONIO CONTE reportedly shouted ‘Go to China’ to Diego Costa during a furious bust-up at the Chelsea training ground
Costa has not trained with the rest of the squad for the past three days after a bust up over an injury with a club fitness coach, in which Conte got involved, and has not travelled to Leicester.

Considering you got over 50m for Oscar, you'll probably get 600m for him
Congrats. :WASTED: Best team overall.

Still gonna build a time machine and do something so that KDB doesn't hit the bar from 1 yard tho :PP
Quality performance tonight. Lov it when being patient late on is rewarded with a last min (or kick, in this case) winner

I'd defo take a point on saturday!
We should be able to take more than a point at home against City. Aguero is out, Mendy is out, Kompany is out - Stones looks better this year but Otamendi still looks a bit shaky and Hazard looked unbelievable against Atletico the other night.

City definitely look better than last year but we should be looking to beat them at home. It'll be interesting to see how we line up, can't see us doing the 3-5-2 from Wednesday again. Fabregas will just get pressed too much by De Bruyne / Silva but then the Kante / Bakayoko midfield might get a little swamped against their midfield 3.

Should be a fun game, shame about the kick off time. Always hated that 5.15 Saturday start time.
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