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28 September 2010
Thanks for reporting this. We're currently having some general issues regarding the site's performance and stability of several features. Rest assured we're on it.
Dont know if it's related, but last night, around 23:00 , timezone+2 UTC, the site was bearelly loading, a lot of lag in all loading times.

EDIT: UPDATE, ok read now, GENERAL issues , so possibly was not only on my edge.

Ignore me :)
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12 December 2001
Just so you guys know, there's nothing I can do on my end to fix any of the ongoing issues. Mart will have to look into it as he's the one having access to everything that's hardware/server related. I'm sure he'll get around to fixing things as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.


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4 September 2005
No prob, as long as you told to not notifiy "there's a research option on the website" (as it doesn't work ftm) it's okay.

Well, i'm not talking about here, i personally didn't remember someone saying it on EVO, but i often see that in others forums, even for serious and polite questions.
It put me on my nerve, i found it condescending and i don't like rejection. Some people just search to have a contact with the forums, some are very young, some have some difficulty in English language etc.


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28 February 2002
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Just installed some updates and rebooted so we'll see how it goes. The search index is also rebuilding so it might take a bit of time for all posts to be searchable again.

EDIT: Search index rebuild is complete so everything should be ok now
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