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Can't say I've saw him in action, but I remember someone mention that he is very good technically.

Yeah, tall, braids. Very good from what I've seen although he hasn't had to fight much in the way of opponents. If he keeps on doing what he's doing you'll know about him.
i think ive seen him in the multi nations tourny for england a few years back! whats his record any ideas? has he got a big punch?
I like Hatton for entertainment, but he needs some serious polish cuz a good boxer will exploit his defensive weaknesses. Rmeinds me of a young Arturo Gatti, when he was just a wrecking ball who would eat 3 shots so he could land just one.

Best PFP is Roy Jones Junior. Saw him fight in person against Richard Hall and almost cried it was so masterful. I put Bernard Hopkins up there too.

I love Barrerra and picked him to dismantle my brother Hamed, but I have to admit the he lost the last fight to Morales and got KTFO (knocked the fuckout) by Manny Pacquaio.

Cant wait for Roy's rematch with Antonio Tarver. The first fight was not close, cuz Roy willingly went to the ropes and LET Tarver hit him. After the first 2 rounds which Tarver won easily, Tarver did not do a damn thing unless Roy laid up on the ropes and asked for it. You got to show some heart and impose your will to be great. . .not wait for an invitation.

I hope Roy eats his children in the rematch. :mrgreen:
Pro record is 9 fights, 9 wins, 9 KOs. I reckon he's our best for ages, it'll tell once he fights a big name though. Apparently he's only been on his arse once and that was as an amateur and got a silver in the world champs.

I see Harrison has a fight lined up with Popov on May 8th.

Oh yeah, go Tarver ;)
Yep undefeated Russian Popov, the fight is on Saturday 8th 10:30pm on BBC2. Hopefully I'll still be awake by then as the old firm game is on then and I think I'll be rather pished to say the least. :mrgreen:

And talking about Barrera vs Hameed, that was one of my favourite fights, watching his little smug ass get whipped. :mrgreen:

fd1972uk said:
Yep undefeated Russian Popov, the fight is on Saturday 8th 10:30pm on BBC2. Hopefully I'll still be awake by then as the old firm game is on then and I think I'll be rather pished to say the least. :mrgreen:

And talking about Barrera vs Hameed, that was one of my favourite fights, watching his little smug ass get whipped. :mrgreen:


Despite wanting to support my "Muslim brothuh", i told a buddy of mine that Barerra was gonna win easy, and he made a small bundle betting on the fight. You know that 29 of 30 boxing writers had predicted that Hamed would win the fight??? I cant believe they could be so blind.

MAB was immaculate, and all that talk from Hamed about having the "heart of a lion" was a bunch of crap. He knew he was losing, and he chose to survive the last few rounds, rather than work for the KO. IF he spent more time working on sound fundamentals, rather than his ring entrances, he might still be around today.

At any rate, his style of fighting is one that you cannot carry for too long becuase he relied so much on his reflexes for defense and attacks. With age, that style suffers when your reflexes slow. Plus, he never seemed to learn how to defend with his hands and arms, and MAB made him pay for that.
this is all quite true but hamed will still be remembered as a class act and rightly so! no boxer with his style climbed to the heights that he did, but at the time i thought it was the wrong fight , he was lucky to get out of the ingle fight whos style is close to barrera so the writing was on the wall, morales would of been a much better bet for him one that he could of won. there is always talk of a comeback but as ghazi said reactions and reflex slow with age so alas no more of the enigmatic prince at the top level anyway! i spoke to a couple of friends about david haye one has boxed for england with him and was on the same bill last year. they both say he is a excellent prospect but say he has yet to fight a big puncher! saying that he was unbeaton through his whole amature career and he must have come accross at leats one!
Can't agree that Hamed was a 'class act', when everyone was talking about how he'd beat up Barrera on the TV I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I knew someone like Barrera would be too tough for him. Once he stepped up in class it was always going to show and it had nothing to do with age.

Jamie, btw if Haye is a silver medallist in the amateur world championships, doesn't that mean the gold medallist would've beat him? :eh:

jamie_mack said:
im talking about aba's ;) when is this jones vs tarver fight is in definitly going to happen?

The Tarver massacre will happen on May 15th. Tarver is a solid fighter, but he made the mistake of running his mouth and dissing the king. Off with his head, I say.

I think Roy will smoke his ass.
babs said:
yes, doesnt mean he went down tho ;) that's what I was talking about.

Actually Babs, I'm sure he has been down once. Sure I saw something on eastside

fd1972uk said:
babs said:
yes, doesnt mean he went down tho ;) that's what I was talking about.

Actually Babs, I'm sure he has been down once. Sure I saw something on eastside boxing.comFD

Hamed was dropped by Kevin Kelley. . twice , if I remember correctly. Of course he smoked him about 2 rounds later.
Babs/mack - About Haye, some guy Jim Twite knocked him out in his amateur career, but seems to be a good prospect. I look forward to seeing him, sure I saw that he has signed a 10 fight contract with BBC. Audley Harrison fights this Saturday too on BBC. Whilst on Sunday morning we have the impressive Cotto going against Ndou and the guy who whipped Barrera's ass, Mani Pacqueia (sp?).

Some good boxing this weekend.

Also recently watched the Klitschsko fight, Sanders gave him some probs at the start, however Vitali took over and in the end it was only a matter of time before the fight would be stopped. Think Sanders is talking about retiring and playing golf.

With regard to Cuban's winning things at amateur level but not as pro I believe Castro does not allow Cubans to turn professional, the only Cuban fighters who turn pro are those that have "escaped" Cuba, I could be talking out of my arse but I believe that's the case :)
if that is the case placebo i can believe it but it is still shocking! do we know if sky are covering there fights at the weekned!?
The Cuban fights Mack? :mrgreen: And as Placebo says I've read that too, rather shocking. Seems people try to escape to America and a lot end up dying on the way. :l

Mack, the fights are on Sunday I believe at 9am. ;)

In this new country that I live I don't have sky in my apartment, there is a funky sports channel that shows Premiership as well as German/Italian matches, Saturday I watched Arsenal v Birmingham, tonight I'm watching Portsmouth v Arsenal :) I get Eurosport so can watch minor boxing about 2 years after everyone else which is nice, apparently it's Wlad v Sanders tonight, I reckon Wlad will win :)
:mrgreen: LOL.......I've sometimes saw myself watch some of the boxing on Eurosport too. See a lot of German fighters on there and the likes of French competitions. I like the guy who commentates though, he doesn't actually comentate, but talks through it. His name escapes me but sure he was an ex-boxer. It's just that he is so brutally honest, some duff fights and he'll give it "I'm sorry that your watching this rubbish, both fighters should be ashamed of themselves" or "He looks so out of shape it's embarassing", which is quite refreshing to hear than someone trying to make it sound better than it is. :mrgreen:

His name is Steve Holdsworth, he is a funny comentator but is too harsh sometimes. I think he has boxed at least at amateur level so he should know not slater someone, because it's one of the hardest games in the world. He reads out emails during the fights which is good though.
did u know 2 snooker players are having a boxing match televised?

Maverick Australian snooker player Quinten Hann will fight rival Mark King in a boxing ring to settle their slanging match for a £10,000 ($A24,390) purse.

King challenged Hann after the Australian shaped up and threatened to punch Andy Hicks when the Englishman beat him in their world championship first round match last week.

King, 30, stepped in to stick up for his friend Hicks, who Hann labelled "short and bald".

The pair will fight it out at London's famed boxing venue, York Hall, in Bethnal Green on June 11.

"I can't wait to smash his face in. Andy Hicks is a nice bloke. Hann was just picking on him because he is small and his career isn't going so well," King, from Essex, told The Sun newspaper.

"That's rank out of order as far as I'm concerned and Hann has always loved himself.

"I haven't got much hair but happen to be six-foot one-inch so let's see how he gets on against me."

Hann, 26 and based in London, claimed Hicks taunted him throughout his loss last week which cost him a place in the elite world top 16.

Although novices in the ring, Hann and King are already talking like prize fighters.

"When Hann first came over here as a boy he thought he was the business," King said.

"We used to beat him as juniors and make him cry."

Hann, who has had a string of run-ins with snooker officials as well as the law, hit back.

"King is a bully. As a junior he used to stand over everyone throwing his weight about," he said.

"I have been biding my time. If he wants to step into Andy Hicks' shoes, so be it. He's a big bloke and I am more of a ladies man than a bruiser.

"But I'll keep smiling all the way to the ring where I will knock him out."

And, of course, behind it all must be a promoter - Hann's manager George Barmby.

"This fight has the potential to be one of the greatest sporting events of 2004," Barmby said.

The fight has been sanctioned by Britain's Amateur Boxing Association, doctors have cleared the pair and they have signed up with local clubs to train for the clash.

But Barmby admitted to a touch of publicity stunt.

"This fight could be great for snooker. People like to see a bit of controversy," he said.
LOL - great article. A snooker playing ladies' man. Get real stickboy!!

Just wait till WE7 goes online. there's gonna be some serious transatlantic crap being thrown about like feces in a monkey cage.

Placebo - where did you move to??
can you imagine the competitions that will start when it does go online! to be evo-web champion!
hann will kick his ars hes about 2 ft taller and in better condition but should be funny!
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