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I actually think we have a reasonable chance of staying up with Mcleish in charge.

Especially with the signings we have made. KRO
How have Muamba and Larsson been playing?

Late reply but what the hell...

Larsson has been our player of the season so far, as he always gives 100% but has vision in passing/crossing and can take a good free kick.

Muamba like Larsson always gives his all and is a great tackling midfielder but his problem is his passing which is atrocious :((
S**t I think our only hope to stay up is that Bolton & Fulham are somehow worse than us :EMB:
Villa let Sunderland win too.

True and its Villa v Birmingham in a few weeks (I doubt they will let us win that one !)

With Mcfadden missing the next 2 matches its not looking good but the main problem we have had all season is we have a terrible centre defence.

Jaidi, Ridgewell, Schmitz and Taylor are all poor and have each contributed to conceding goals by individual errors. All 4 will be gone in the summmer no matter what we do.

Either way if we stay up or not there are only a handful of players I would want to keep. Kelly, Murphy, Muamba, Larsson, Kapo, Zarate (but we can't afford him) and Mcfadden.
Hi guys i have a question. This summer i watched under21 european cup and i was very impressed by De Ridder. Why he never plays now? He is not even on the bench in the last months.
De Ridder has looked good the few times he has played for us this season.

There are 2 reasons why he hasn't played the main one being Seb Larsson has been excellent on the right of midfield this season.

The other reason is that it seems McLeish doesnt seem to rate him, as not including him as a sub seems absurd.
nice to see another epl thread open, welcome and hope your lads stay up, looks like you will, we play your lot next , so let us win that one ok...:-pp
nice to see another epl thread open, welcome and hope your lads stay up, looks like you will, we play your lot next , so let us win that one ok...:-pp

lol we are in dire need of a win after the awful display against Wigan.

Home games against Everton and Liverpool to come which will be very hard.
we're only 2 points away from the relegation zone!
it's going to be a very tough battle

p.s. zarate is really amazing! hopefully we can keep him at least for another season
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congrats today on a monumental performance/effort, heard it on the radio as i was at work and it sounded like every player was playing for there lives, injuries have hit us hard in the end and i was glad to nick a point today.
I'm worried we draw too many at home and can't win away. We edged in yesterday but its looking hard.

Reading....34 games..............32 pts......GD -26

Saturday April 19 2008 Arsenal (A)
Saturday April 26 2008 Wigan (A)
Saturday May 03 2008 Tottenham (H)
Sunday May 11 2008 Derby (A)

Birmingham.......34 games............31pts......GD -13

Sunday April 20 2008 Aston Villa (A)
Saturday April 26 2008 Liverpool (H)
Saturday May 03 2008 Fulham (A)
Sunday May 11 2008 Blackburn (H)


Bolton.......34 games.........29pts......GD -21

Saturday April 19 2008 Middlesbrough (A)
Saturday April 26 2008 Tottenham (A)
Saturday May 03 2008 Sunderland (H)
Sunday May 11 2008 Chelsea (A)

Fulham.......34 games...........27pts.....GD -24

Saturday April 19 2008 Liverpool (H)
Saturday April 26 2008 Man City (A)
Saturday May 03 2008 Birmingham (H)
Sunday May 11 2008 Portsmouth (A)

Can we stay up :pray: ?
i think you will! fulham and bolton got rare wins yesterday, that aint gonna happen every week, keep playing with the never say die attitude displayed yesterday and you will stay up, your manager has that massive desire to win also and that can be a big bonus too, good luck blue boys...
You might get lucky with Liver*** as they'll be concentrating on the CL and look to have 4th place sewn up. Fulham is the big one. Lose that and you will go down I reckon.
fulham to turn over liverpool i think you'll go down to be honest.

first dibs at forrsell and karate zarate!

Forssell you can have as he is not player he was a few years ago, sadly injuries have played there part and while he can still finish his movement is more limited, a real shame cos if he was still the same player we would not be in this position.

Zarate is a wonderful talent but I think he maybe better suited to the Italian or Spanish leagues as its less physical plus he comes with an asking price of 10M-15M !
Yes it looks bad, the worst ever performance by us against Villa in the premiership.

Mcleish got the tactics totally wrong by not playing 5 in midfield as we were outnumbered. I can't see us winning any of the 3 games left as we can't defend (Only 3 clean sheets all season). Time for the fizzy pop league.
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