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Best Team-----Best Player


League 2
9 August 2004
They only gave Dihno like 78 for free kick. I think hes alot better than that man. AT the LEAST 86 on free kicks man.


National Team : Brazil

Club Team : AC Milan

Player : Henry


World Class
7 June 2003
best player i feel is rooney, he is the best all round player... he can be a excellent CF,SS,WG,AMF,CMF
strong when holding the ball,able to help defensively, able to take freekicks, cross,score
able to adapt in any team
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National - Brazil

Club - Real Madrid (but I'm a Arsenal fan)

Player - Henry


Hooked on editing
3 June 2004
Team F, Other Leagues C
National - Classic Brazil

Club - Barcelona

Player - Mr Bucktooth himself Ronaldinho


* WE@holic *
24 March 2005
São Paulo F.C.
National Team: Brazil \\:o/

Club Team: There are many... but i think Man. United is more complete... ;)

Player: 1º Ronaldinho :rock: 2º Henry :cheers:


National Team: Classic Brazil or Brazil

Club Team: the italian TRIO (JUVE / MILAN / INTER)

player: Ronaldinho for sure, 2ºScheva


i hail from ISS time
9 November 2004
National Team: Brasil
(im from holland but if i see what low class players the dutch national team has its stupid de cler,vlaar,mathijsen,opdam,landzaat c'mon those guys dont stand a change on world cup there pure erendivisie players,those defenders has to compete against requilme,saviola,tevez,sorin,messi,drogba,kone,kalou,kezman.

Club: Barcelona(no other team plays more balanced than barca now hope they win the champions league)

Player: Ronaldinho (why him...because he has everything what a top players needs)
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