Battle of Polytopia

Saint Angelo

3 August 2019
Dublin atm
Insanely fun strategy game, played it on mobile in 2018 and got the steam version last week. Even better these days.

So much funnier than big titles like Civ or Hoi4 since it doesn't just bombard you with DLC and mechanics no one's using anyway. What are thousands of gameplay features worth if you're always doing the same thing???

Also has multiplayer, and very memorable tribes. Crazy ass fanbase. There is nothing about this I don't love.

Come join us, preferably on steam but there are mobile versions available as well. Super simple to get into, extremely deep once you try to git gud though. Wish more games were like this. Reminds me of PS2 PES - it was simple, 8 directions, 3 "tricks", but oh so satisfying and deep!

lemme know if u buy then we can dudududududuel online 🐑
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