Australia in World Cup!


You want SEVEN?
15 October 2003
The one and only Arsenal
Can you believe it!

Australia beat Uruguay 1-0 on the night 4-2 on pens.

I bet it's going mad in Sydney now!


17 April 2002
BTW the the uruguay coach is SCUM... threw a ball at one of out players.. hence.. JUSTICE WAS DONE... plus we deserved to win.. hahah

Big Boss

KJH = The Hunter!
23 July 2003
The Netherlands
Ajax & Strasbourg
Great game, great atmosphere!

Guus Hiddink for his third consecutive World Cup, when Viduka missed it looked bad, but Schwarzer pulled of another magnificent save...

congratz to all the aussies, cool they made another world cup finally.


You want SEVEN?
15 October 2003
The one and only Arsenal
Clockender said:
Are you an aussie Nicky?

Of course I'm not. Aussies are beer drinking sports loving loonies!

Shit that does describe me but I'm English.

I'm pleased to see them get there after Recoba said that Uruguay have a right to be at the world cup because of their history!


You want SEVEN?
15 October 2003
The one and only Arsenal
Zygalski said:
Congrats to the Aussies.
It'll be like Jamaica in WE98 all over again :)

WE98? I think you have Winning Eleven on the brain. Surely you mean WC98

Maniac NxN

3 August 2004
I'm a french guy living in Australia for more than a year now, and trust me, I was watching the game with aussie mates tonight : F**K it was GOOD !

I have at least two teams to support at 100% during Germany 2006 :)

Recoba played well, as (almost) always, but neither the less, Australia deserved to win, no one will be able to question about that.

Go Australia ! ;)


Champions League
8 August 2003
Well done the Aussies :) (never thought id here myself saying that after the ashes) they get screwed with all there qualifying games to get there! For the next world cup there joning the Asia qualifiers arnt they?


Part Timer
21 February 2003

No Uruguay. :(

Congrats to the Aussies but I'll miss having no Uruguay. No Recoba....No Forlan...



28 June 2002
Henley, Oxfordshire
21' Chris Burchall limps off after that earlier challenge, the Port Vale midfielder trudges off to be replaced by Silvio Spann.


hopefully i'll get back from work to watch the last 10 mins or so on Eurosport!



9 January 2002
Yep and Andrews plays for Rangers. Hope he does more like that on Saturday. :lol:

Marvellous Marvin Andrews at the WC, should be fun. :lol: :lmao: :mrgreen:



Champions League
23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
Nice to have some different teams there this time. Should be interesting in the early rounds. One thing gets me though - with Uruguay's talent, why do they always feel the need to get ultra aggressive and/or use gamesmanship when things aren't going too well?


20 July 2005
Lima, Perú
Great for Australia, I think has deserved the classification, but It's a pity for Uruguay, for the foreign players in many leagues as Forlán, Recoba, Diogo, Pablo García, Carini, Chevantón..., well, Australia has good players too as Viduka, Kewell, Bresciano, Grella, Schwarzer, Emerton, Aloisi, Moore, not bad.

Hiddink has a magic formula, in 1998 with Holland, in 2002 with South Korea... ¿it's possible he carry Australia to semifinals?.
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