Athletico Mince (Andy Dawson, Bob Mortimer)

Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Anybody else listen to this podcast series?

Funniest thing I've heard in a long time, journeys fly thanks to these guys.

Keep wanting to make references to it but I don't think anyone would get them...
I keep meaning to listen to that! I love Bob Mortimer or Taskmaster and Would I Lie To You, he's absolutely hilarious so I figured this would be great too.
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@Chris Davies Finally listened to the first one and part of the second one last night. Love it. :D
It gets better and better, although less about football... I'd almost recommend skipping to the tenth episode or something like that!

Hope you keep listening to it, it's so good. :D
Must get back to listening to this I'd forgotten all about it.

Talking of Bob Mortimer, his fishing thing with Paul Whitehouse is well worth a watch if you haven't. As are his legendary Would I Lie to You bits. Oddly enough though I have never found Reeves and Mortimer remotely funny.
I have listened to this since the beginning, it's very good. I do wish they'd talk about football more though like in the old days!
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