(Ask) Pro Evo 6 is having a graphical problem


28 May 2007
Hi all,
I'm having a graphical problem with my new graphic card ATI Radeon X1650.
When I play Pro Evo 6 the preformance is very slow, but it does not happen when I play the other games like Need For Speed Most Wanted Underground and NFS Carbon.

I have download and install the newest driver from ATI website, but it still happen.

Do you know why?

please help me...


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18 June 2006
Pes6 is not compatible with Ati Cards :(

Sorry for that next time read the sys requirements!!


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25 October 2001
Ati drivers have problems with certain chipsets and chipset drivers (especially AGP drivers if its an AGP card), not every setup or model revision of each motherboard but there are problems here and there...so it might be worth checking on any potential problems and conflicts with your hardware. might need a bios upgrade and all that.


5 June 2007
I too had the same problem after upgrading my ATI 9800 pro to a new ATI Sapphire X1950 pro so i knew it could work with ATI cards.

Here's what i did to solve it but the game is still not perfect but is playable.

1 - downloaded the NOCD crack (You must have bought the game like i did).
2 - changed monitor refresh rate to 72 while default for card was 60.
3 - changed screen resolution on game and graphic detail to medium.

You could also try and playing around with V-sync.

Hope this helps. Let's know how you get on.

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9 November 2002
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What crap ! I also use an ati card without any problems although the drivers leave a lot to be desired . I uninstalled the ati drivers and used the latest omega drivers and ive never had a problem with any game including PES6 on max settings !!
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