Arsenal or AC Milan?



Since I'm playing a tournament at Friday (up to 40 people) at my local gamestore I am desperately looking for a team that fits best for me. Last year AC Milan was the team of my choice but their defenders are very slow this year (a :triangle: pass can open the whole defence!!) but the offence is great.

Arsenal on the other hand is this year very good, has average defenders and Ljungberg is what I was always looking for, he is in my opinion the best player in the whole game. But I don't know how to play with Arsenal exactly.

a) What would you choose? I really like using the wings and need good shooters if I get stuck 25 m in front of the goal.

b) I need some tactics which I could use with Arsenal because I don't know them well.

c) What do you (all AC Milan Players) do with Gilardino? His position does not feel right and Vieri is not what I call a good player, the same with Inzagi.

Hope you'll help me


18 August 2003
When i use arsenal I set up like this:

0 0
0 0 0
0 0

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I have my wingers as close to the touchline. Hleb and Ljungberg are skillful and you can also switch the play. Henry and Reyes up front, Gilberto DMF, toure and campbell centre backs and lauren, cole/clichy wing backs.

Works a treat for me! :)

EDIT ok :roll: the circles were meant to be the formation but its not working on here :roll:
7 August 2004
i use a 3-3-1-3 system when i play with arsenal:

lauren - campbell - toure

hleb - gilberto - cole


pires/reyes - bergkamp - henry

I usually play a lot on the wings, however when your attacking in the centre bergkamp makes so many great runs that a tap of traingle works a treat. He's a great finisher aswell

Shockin' The Prem

Shockin' The Prem
5 August 2004
I find playing with Arsenal, under this formation (I'm not a huge fan of AC Milan on that game, not sure why.)

Lehmann (Pff)
Hleb (Do NOT leave Hleb out the squad!!)


That formation sure as hell didn't work against me Defection...3-0 was it...i was Milan...I prefer Milan...much much better...and I always play with Sheva and Vieri up's ideal to have a right footed and one left footed striker...I always play Vieri on the right and Sheva on the left since it's much easier to shoot and score with a right foot on the left side and vice ranked no 50 so obviously it's working ;)

Just kidding....but seriously Vieri is good to have as a target player in the box...and i dont agree that Milans defeneders are slow...i mean it's so easy to see the through ball coming and just run back with the defender and take depth....
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