AC Milan Thread

He's not bad at all, at least technically.
Yet he severely lacks first-team experience and that's why he decided to leave.

Very interesting prospect I'd say. I was expecting big things from him, too bad he would probably do them for another team :(

Zlatan enjoy his life and his trophy. The cigar and the champange bottle is zlatanised...:ROCK:
AC Milan's former chairman Silvio Berlusconi just passed away. Not a fan of what he did in other areas (politics anyone?) but I think that this man deserves huge credit for what he did at AC Milan.



I really like the Europa League! For some reason, sometimes I find it more entertaining than the Champions League. Perhaps because it is more unpredictable, and you see a nice variety of teams, sometimes teams that you don't see in South American TV too often! I find the stories behind a lot of the matchups more compelling in many cases!

Then again, I also like the Conference League, so I know I am in the minority here. :)

Good luck to Milan! :RSCARF:
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