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8 February 2013
Manchester United

Since 2012-2013 there were lot of corruption and frauds so im following this team that serious so i did a sheet for recommending players and even tactic analysis and i will share it here otherwise i think that this is place for people that want to talk football and i will explain more to put any interested person into the situation and thats it ...(since i am the topix starter i will post more than others i think)
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So lets start with a CM called Idris El Mizouni he is performing well and there is a possibility for his team to win 3-1 i think so i hope that he will do his job.
You can see some Tunisia matches since 2012 where there were iconic CMs like him but did not take chance .....
Edit :
It was a solid match specially their GK until he managed to score to give the win while their standings rival lost .
U can check the stats in any stat app I recommend sofascore.
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Second player is Amine Cherni he is Side back player with good defensive skills while the national team created the illusion of how hard to choose between current left backs that one is a hard working but he play as finisher but can not and his pass skills are 5/10 but he has good physical condition what considered a superstar even at his club because he scores he can not even pass or defend on national team since Belgium match and the third one was considered the second one since 2018 but he get injured so here is it a young one as maybe chance from the god to fix their past mistakes even before bringing or deciding a new coach.

So today they have hard match but they are considered to win or lets say say if they want they need to score at least 2 goals ...
The opponent has good sides but he still opened even if he leads the game by 1 goal so he can loose.

it was a tough match that the opponent took the lead was a big mistake since the player team did not have that time to be in "match-state" so it break many things and maybe it needs more experienced players than potential to turn the table.
it was a good match for Amine the performance must be what he must to do each time and try to wait and create the key moments for very advanced things like scoring.
U can check the stats in any stat app I recommend sofascore.
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Third player called Samy Chouchane is a CM/DM knowing this position issue for the national team since 2014 that many players but lack of quality and fight spirit
He is playing for Brighton U21 having a match today vs Norwich it must be considered a 2-0 win for Brighton but the ability to score for Norwich is annoying ...
For me it must be for Brighton the typical win means can't accept goal specially to chase the win and score more to confirm the win of course .
thread to be forgotten as i'm trying to implement those into my real life things.
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