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28 February 2002
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I've just enabled push notifications, which you will be prompted about if you're using a compatible browser/device. If you do enable them you can control them in your preferences along with your other alert settings: https://evoweb.uk/account/preferences

You can now also install Evo-Web as an app if you like (and again if you're using a compatible device, Apple devices are not currently following the standards). If you're using a compatible browser you should see the option to install it. This just lets you keep it separate from your browser etc. It works at least on Chrome on Windows 10 too. More details here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/progressive-web-app.181448/


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27 October 2020
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Actually on Microsoft Edge you could do this before as well, it had an option to install as an app, for every website
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