20 January 2021
Hello, my boys. As this is my first post here on EvoWeb's forums, I'd like to start by thanking you guys for keeping the older Pro Evolution Soccer games alive to this day. It's really good to see such a great community dedicated to modding and editing the PES games, those mods brought lots of my childhood memories back to life, and I'm very grateful for that.


I've been playing SPEC's PES 98-99 for about a month now, and I write this thread in order to describe my experience with it, along with pointing out good/bad aspects of the mod.

The version I have installed is v2.1.


- An awful lot of teams, including La Liga, Serie A, Barclays Premiership, CONMEBOL/South American teams.

- Pre-WC 98 national squads. You can have Romario playing for Brazil, Gazza for England, King Kazu for Japan, and so on.

- The whole thing got put together by just one modder. Shoutouts to SPEC, for making a 10gb PES 6 mod on his own.

The basic aspects of gameplay remain the same, good ol' PES 6, really fun to play and easy to master.

It was really nostalgic to play as Rivaldo's Barca, Juventus, Boca, Corinthians, Bayern... Loads of cool squads to play with.


- The players' base stats are a huge mess. Strikers with 80+ GK skill, defenders with better attacking skills than some strikers, et cetera. While looking at South American teams, it's easy to notice that SPEC simply dropped the editing process, assigning random stats for most players. Heck, I even found some players with maxed out stats that just broke my Top Player difficulty Master League.

- Broken/bad/misplaced faces. Examples: Romario's face is bugged; Chilavert's face fails to match the base model, ends up looking so bad; Bebeto does not look like Bebeto at all; Real Madrid defender Rojas has the face of a black player, which he's not irl.

- Incomplete/wrong squad rosters and lineup. Just a matter of in-game editing, nothing too serious, but big enough to make me spend hours trying to edit all the errors I find.

Overall, it's a decent mod, but it is easy to see that the problem here is a matter of quantity over quality. For realism freaks like me, just creating retro teams and stuffing them with some familiar players isn't just enough. We like to feel the game, and have the best football experience that the game has to offer.

I understand that it is only a beta, and that in the future SPEC could release better versions of PES 98-99, but for now, as a hardcore soccer gamer, I cannot fully enjoy what SPEC has to offer without having to spend hours in editing.
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