Norwegian Tippeligaen | BIG NEWS: Kjetil Rekdal have resigned!



We have now get in half season and SK Brann its leaders, right back are Stabæk, Lillestrøm, Rosenborg, Odd and Vålerenga.

Last year we got a new champion in Norway, Vålerenga, after Rosenborg ( 1992-2004 )

This round are like this:

Odd - Vålerenga [3-2]
Tromsø - Molde [sunday]
RBK - LSK [sunday]
Brann - FFK [sunday]
Viking - Ham-Kam [sunday]
Sandefjord - Stabæk [sunday]
Start - FC Lyn Oslo [monday]

Top goalscorer:
1. Veigar Pall Gunnarsson, Stabæk: 10
2. Daniel Nannskog, Stabæk: 9
3. Andreas Tegström, Sandefjord: 6
4. Ole Martin Årst, Tromsø: 5
5. Fernando De Ornelas, Odd Grenland: 5

I hope i have give enough info to now, if its any questions, im here to answer!


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Sorry for not being here to update.

1 Brann 31
2 Rosenborg 30
3 Lillestrøm 29
4 Stabæk 28
5 Odd Grenland 25
6 Start 24
7 Vålerenga 22
8 Sandefjord 22
9 Lyn Oslo 21
10 Ham-Kam 19
11 Fredrikstad 18
12 Tromsø 17
13 Viking 17
14 Molde 17


Last round:
Sandefjord - Odd 1-3
Stabæk - Lyn 3-2
VIF - Brann 2-1
Molde - RBK 0-2
Start - Viking 3-1
Ham-Kam - Tromsø 2-3


Top Scorer:
12 goals: Veigar Pall Gunnarsson, Stabæk
10 goals: Daniel Nannskog, Stabæk
8 goals: Ole Martin Årst, Tromsø, Andreas Tegström , Sandefjord
7 goals: Steffen Iversen, Rosenborg


This weekend its Norwegian Cup. Quarter-Final

Last day's results:

Start 3-2 Lillestrøm | Vålerenga 0-3 Fredrikstad

Two shocking results, two of Norways biggest clubs lost last day!
Lillestrøm its Norwegian Cup last year Runner-up, and Vålerenga its the Tippeliga Holders. Start who finish on 2. place last year, lost 3-1 against Fredrikstad in last round, and helped Vålerenga to gold.
In that match its a tragically thing happen - a Fredrikstad player crash with a team mate and broke the neck. He will never came back.:(

Todays matches: Follo (1. Division) - Sandefjord | Viking - Rosenborg.

Follo its a shocking story from this years Cup, like Hønefoss last year (Semi-Final). Viking against Rosenborg its a classic Quarter-Final match.



Re: Norwegian Tippeligaen

Today's results.

Follo 0-1 Sandefjord.
Viking 1-3 Rosenborg.

Today's draw. Semi-Finals:
Fredrikstad - Start
Sandefjord - Rosenborg.


Re: Norwegian Tippeligaen

Todays big NEWS:


Kjetil Rekdal resigned as manager for Vålerenga today. :|

After 5 years as manager for Vålerenga he resigns after a 0-3 lost against Fredrikstad. He have no more to give as manager for Tippeliga-Holders.

Kjetil Rekdal have give Vålerenga Cup gold, silver and gold in league. Two Champions League qual and make us to a big club in Norway.

He's assistent will be Manager to a new Manager is ready. Petter Myhre will take action vs Viking.
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