Fantasy Premier League


League 1
14 July 2004
Done. :) My team is named Vercetti FC.

Cool! You're the first one. First of many I hope.

I've just contacted the guys that run this site. I hope they don't mind me calling it Evo-Web's official fantasy league.

JayM, you just reminded me of something. Yeah, erm... people, add your team name on here so we know who's who.


League 1
14 July 2004
im in as well "Polonia Reserves"

how does this thing work btw?

Yeah, you haven't joined our league yet. I can't see your team. You have to click on league (once you've logged in) which is located on the side and then you enter the code which is in my signature to join the Evo-Web league.


14 May 2004
I'm in. I'm TrankSlideEEEEGGSSSS. Last season I was MadEggs F.C.

I think I ended up like 20th. Hopefully I'll have better luck this season. Good luck everyone.


20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
Count me in "sauce's 300" (last year sauce's eleven failed so this year I came with more :mrgreen:) but I will wait till friday to pick my squad. Cause I can't join nothing before I pick my squad.


"Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose."
5 August 2005
Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
e.g. you're formation is 4-4-2, click the yellow arrow next to a midfielder, now you have three left. Then click the yellow arrow next to one of your strikers on the bench, its now changed to 4-3-3.

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