Argentina league.



Hi.. I'm from argentina and i consider that konami did a tremendous mistake in not making the argentina league. I want to make a option file with the argentina league and since today i'm going to but my max drive i cant do anything yet. My question is has anybody done this yet?. In i made a thread giving the pictures of the logos and asking if anybody could give it a try. one guy name Ar6entino did all for me and with him we are working on the league. the thing is he is doing it for we10 and i dont have we10. Threfore i wondering if i could start editing an option file before i have the max drive so when i do have it i could put it in my ps2. is real simple is there a program that could edit option files in the pc.? i want to download a option file edited adding the argentina league and then using my max drive i want to putted in my ps2. can i do that what do i need?


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6 February 2005
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I am currently working on the player names and stats for every team this Clausura. I need kits as well...and looks like the geniuses in this forum have cracked the code. This is all for we10 PS2, and basically I am making classic players that have played in the last 20 years in and out of Argentina to select from replacing the old classic players.
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