Adidas telstar 1974


15 August 2003
What a cock up that was! They havent got the colours right at all, they have the balck panels where they should be white and the white where they should be black!

Shame on you konami!


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30 December 2001
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The Telstar looks terrible on the screen as do the two Adidas Roteiro's

It reminds me of the Adidas F50 X-ite in WE9 it looked like a white ball with poo stuck on it as it rolled around the field.


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18 March 2006
The Telstar actually does exist in that combination of colours, but that isn't the original Telstar but a newly released version (or rather, one of two newly released versions, where the more expensive matchball of the two have the same color panels as the original, mostly white, ball, and the less expensive training ball has the inverted color scheme).

But I gotta say, I like the Black Telstar. It looks meaner in some way. Would be great if someone could make it for PES5 PC.
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