1. A

    I'm New here and i need help

    Hi guys can you help I have a Pc i3 i have already PES 6 on it And I'm looking for cracked PES 5 and PES 11 the PS2 versions to Install them on my PC I've been looking for them for one month and I'm tired please guys help me with a safe link Thank you so much if you reading this
  2. O

    The PS4 PES Most Like The PS2 PES's

    Hi All I used to play PES’s 2 – 6 to death on the PS2. Although I can appreciate the advances in realism the games have made, I think they suffer as video games because of this. Where your imagination would fill in the blanks on previous versions, I think it’s a case of the closer the games...
  3. RBROWN172

    PES 2014 PS2 Editor

    Hello, I've tried a couple of PES 2014 editors for the PS2 but I have trouble adding in emblems with all of them. When I attempt to add in an emblem and assign it to a team, they don't seem to appear in-game. Are there any working/updated PES 2014 editors for the PS2 which fixes the emblem...
  4. geeeeee

    PES2008 PS2 version is the lost game / video thread

    First of all I want to apologise for starting a new thread for a game that is 10 years old. I could have posted this in the PES2008 official thread but I thought that it may not get noticed as this is, after all, 'the lost game'. The reason I call it 'the lost game' is because I believe that...
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