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  1. M

    How can they fuck up the gameplay and change it weekly?!

    So I only play MyClub. And I play PES since PES2. In my friends group I was always the guy knowing best for his dribbling. When the demo hit, I was ecstatic! I could dribble my way through defenses online. People who just hold X + Sprint were easily nutmegged and dribbled around by just using...
  2. abu3li.love

    PES 2020 _ Bundesliga (Real names - Players states - Squads - Faces - Kits )

    This thread is for bundesliga lovers post and help please !
  3. Dayman Velázquez

    Problem sider database

    Hi guys, can someone help me? When i use sider to pick a stadium, all the players database becomes the initial one, for ex keylor navas at real Madrid and all players like in 2019, why its happening this?
  4. Z

    PC Music mod - Question to devs

    Hi, while the soundtrack is descent, I still find some tracks annoying and therefore searched to modify the playlist myself. I managed to simply remove those tracks from the playlist xml contained within the dt40_all.cpk file. Easy enough. But when it comes to change the actual music files I...
  5. S

    PES2020 - Training team roster out of date

    Just selected Barcelona in training mode and it shows still coutinho and no griezmann for example. When I play exhibition matches or online my team does have the right team roster for Barcelona. Is there something I am missing?
  6. M

    Technical Issues: Every 3-4mins there is 5-8s slowdown / stutter

    Hey, anyone else having this issue? When I play PES 2020 every 4-5mins there is timewindow of 5- 7s of massive stutters and slowdown. This was not there when playing the demo. Specs: Ryzen 1700X, RTX 2080 TI, 32Gb Ram, Windows 10 Pro Also whenever these happen it shows "services.exe" in the...
  7. Paga

    Your favourite mods

    What are your favourite PES 2020 mods so far?
  8. Suggestions for PES

    Suggestions for PES - Twitter profile with suggestions for the PES franchise

    Hello guys! We have made a profile on Twitter to post as many suggestions as possible for the future of the franchise. If possible, follow us: https://twitter.com/SuggestionsPES If you like a suggestion, give Retweet (RT) so that the message can reach Konami. Examples of posts we've already...
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